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Monday, January 30, 2012

Garlic-Basil Tilapia

Today has been a fantastic Monday!

Whenever the week starts with a good night sleep and a early morning run with friends you know its going to be a good day!

We did a quick 3 miles in the cold and dark. I have come to the conclusion that whether your plan is to do 3 or 15 miles, they always go by faster when you have a friends. I used to be a “lone” runner because I thought that was what I preferred and or I was nervous to run with others because I was unsure I would be able to keep up with them. It turns out, that our group running, we stick together pretty well and if someone is faster its not a bad thing, you just have to push yourself to go a little harder.

For example: My weakness in running is HILLS! There is no talking for me while running up hills because I am silently dealing with this hill in my head.. “get to the top”, “don’t stop”. “keep going”… maybe a curse word or an edited version (depending on what mile I’m on..) Say what you must to just get to the top! The faster I go the faster I’ll get to run down!  (who really actually likes hills?)


I also did this workout and taught body attack today. Along with some gift shopping, and a Costco run! (BUSY day!)

When we finally got home from running crazy all day, I was more then ready for dinner!

Dinner came together quickly due to my grumbling bellies demands.

Garlic-Basil Tilapia


  • 3 filets
  • 3 tbs of chopped fresh basil
  • 1 tsp. of garlic
  • 1 tbs. olive oil
  • Mrs. Dash seasoning


Heat skillet on stove

Spray with a little olive oil (or non-stick spray)

Lay filets on skillet

Drizzle olive oil over the top

Add basil and garlic and sprinkle with Mrs. Dash

Let cook for about 5 minutes before flipping

Cover and let cook on low heat until cooked thoroughly

I served it along side of some roasted sweet potato and brussel sprouts (I made extra for leftovers throughout the week!) and some asparagus




I love, LOVE tilapia, its not to fishy and is light and packed full of protein!! It is also a good source of omega 3 and it cooks quickly and easily!! Although, I could of eaten two filets.. I was still hungry after and resorted to picking at the whole pan of sweet potatoes until I was sick.. or maybe that was my way of procrastinating cleaning the dishes. Winking smile

It’s way past my bedtime! Sleeping half-moon  

G-night my friends!

Q. What is your favorite fish?

Alaskan salmon! (hoping maybe this cool chick will hook me up one day?)

Q. Do you prefer to run by yourself or in a group?

I used to be solo but now I’m all about the group.


  1. Monday morning workouts totally rock! Glad your run was fabulous. I have days where i prefer to run alone, and others with a group. Not a fish fan..

  2. I love cooking tilapia at home because it's so basic that it absorbs whatever flavors you add or swordfish with a little lemon juice... Chilean sea bass [Asian style, served with sauteed veggies and a sweet glaze] is one of my faves to order whenever we're out [I know, I know, so bad]!