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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celebrate good times!

Hey, Hey!! This week is flying by! We have been a little crazy around here lately! This morning I got a quick 4 mile training run in with the same group I have been running with. It has been nice in the mornings, and by nice I mean, at least 30 degrees, to run outside. Its much easier to run outside then the treadmill for me. Although, today it was a bit hilly and hills just are not my cup of tea. Especially, Steep ones that seem never ending!

Its is supposed to snow tonight so I’m not planning on a run tomorrow, I may hit up the treadmill for some speed intervals. It has been a little to long since my last speed training session.


And its obviously time to pick it up a bit. And learn to tie my shoes better.. I think I stopped to tie them like 5 times!?

Home by 6:45am

I made a shake similar to this one for recovery! I just added 1 Tbsp. of Chia seeds! After all, February is National Heart month and Chia seeds have proven to be '”heart healthy” with such a omega 3 kick! I also had the rest of the banana with WAY to much almond butter (I need a intervention..) Along with 4 scrambled eggs.


(Do you like how I hid my hideous manicure? Don’t have an 18 month old help paint your nails..)

Today’s workout at GPP was probably one of the funnest to date. Check it out here. Grab a partner and give it a try! It’s one of those workouts you really have to pay attention the whole time or you might just get a ball to the face or gut or hip…

After such an abtastic workout, it was time for lunch! I made a quick salad and pretty much inhaled it!! I am loving adding more veggies in lately, because the past couple of weeks I have been a fruit fiend!


I also taught an awesome Body Attack class today. This is the 3rd week since we launched it at one of the gyms I work at and it seems to be pretty popular now! We had a full class! Great energy and amazingly, talented members to keep up with a gazillion --->(yes, that is now a word.) Plyo-lunges and fun dance moves that I randomly through in there Winking smile.

After Attack I shot right out to meet the fam to celebrate someone's birthday!!


It was my step-mom, Aly’s birthday today and we had a “surprise” dinner for her.. (She kind of found out..ooops) We all met at a popular Chinese restaurant called The Mandarin. It gets pretty big reviews from the locals but I just don’t get it..? We had bad service, the food was not anything spectacular and we had a half-hour wait even though we had a reservation! Oh well.. they served rice to the twins so they are probably still picking it off the floor..The food is served as “family style” so everyone picked a few  entrees to share. We had a good time talking and laughing. I love getting together with my family, spending time with my sisters and everyone just makes me happy. Maybe cause I think they are hilarious and we always have a good time together.

Brent and I decided on Velvet chicken with gooseberries for our entrée to share. It included chicken with pine nuts, watercress and red and yellow peppers in a light soy sauce. (Does anyone notice that ALL Chinese food has some sort of sauce?)


Little B wanted nothing to do with the high chair so she sat in my lap and gave it her best go with the chopsticks.. and quickly referred to using her hands. (She must be all AmericanWinking smile)


T loves drinking out of the glass cups! If you follow me on instagram, I’m sure you followed along for the story..


Having a little help from daddy…


Became independent 2.2 seconds later and spilled, so he is putting the ice back in..


Then about 5 minutes later he discovered the best of both worlds…

I just love this kid. He is always doing the funniest things!

Dinner was fun with the family and spending time with Aly. She is such a great example to me and I’m so grateful for all that she does for me and our family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALY!

Tomorrow, I’m sleeping in. Its way past my  bedtime and I don’t think I could handle another 5 am wake-up call. Sleep is as important to your health as exercise! Off to get some ZzzZZ’s

Q. What is your favorite Chinese dish?

I’m so not a fan of Chinese.. or maybe I’m just going to the wrong places.. but if I have to chose it would probably be lettuce wraps? I don’t know. To many bad experiences to decide.

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  1. i used to be a server at the mandarin. sorry you got bad service! that's definitely not the norm. unfortunately, you picked the worst dish on the menu! your server should have told you...haha.