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Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New-Year

Happy Chinese New-Year!!! Last night we celebrated accordingly. We had a few guests over last night for dinner.
For dinner we had salmon, roasted veggies and Mindy made a spinach salad.
The Salmon was prepared quickly and simply!
I placed the salmon in tinfoil, squeezed a little lemon on it and sprinkled with lemon pepper and baked for 20 min.
My favorite part of the meal was the roasted Brussels sprouts and yams.
To prepare the veggies I halved the sprouts and chopped 3 yams into cubes and sprayed with olive oil .
Then sprinkled with some Mrs. Dash.
It was at this point I realized I need two ovens. I roasted them at the same time the salmon was cooking. I baked them for 30 minutes- tossing every 7-10 minutes until potatoes were softened.
After dinner we just hung out and Mindy had the idea for a little Chinese new year craft..
We looked up Chinese symbols and got our craft on.
Rumor has it if you hang the Chinese symbols in your window it will invite the good fortune into your home.
We copied the symbols on a small piece of paper then traced it with glue and dumped fancy glitter on top of them.
I now have red glitter all over my kitchen floor.. I wonder who was responsible for that one?
Out of curiosity we looked up our Chinese horoscope-
We are all tigers! That makes for a fun household Smile
After reading through the description of the tiger it was funny how closely it really explained our behaviors/personalities and expectations in life.
We decided to take this Chinese new year as a second chance to refocus on our new year resolutions.
A few of my new goals are:
  • Drink more water! – I have been not so good at this lately..And can tell I’m a little dehydrated some days. So I’m going to try and consume at least one gallon a day!
  • Take my vitamins!- I’m pretty good at taking them in the morning but often forget as the day goes on.
  • 30 days NO SUGAR!- .  My friend Mindy set me up on this one and I hardly ever say no to a challenge. Its going to be TOUGH since I have a love for chocolate chips and valentines day is coming up… Wish us luck!
  • Swim 2x a week! I set this goal at the beginning of the year and didn’t do so hot. Because it requires a 4:30 am alarm clock..
Q. What is your Chinese horoscope?
Q. What is your Chinese new year goal?

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  1. I'm a slithering snake- 2 more years till it's my year! Hm, this week I made a few mini [weekly] goals so I'll count those as my "Chinese New Year" goals ;P