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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweaty hot mess + movie review

BEEP,BEEP, BEEEP…… Back it up. I have been a bad blogger this week. So sorry. I have actually been playing around in the kitchen a lot but haven’t quite come up with a blog-worthy recipe. Patience my friends.. because we all know I have already lost it and I have the worlds messiest kitchen.

Yesterday, I took part in one of the funfest workouts of all-time. And by “fun” I mean the most challenging, sweat in the eyeballs, this is going to hurt tomorrow, kind of workouts.

If you need a workout to do today- I got that one in the bag! For full detail of the workout check it out here! Watch out.. those power squat cleans bite!



For warn- you may have many curse words flying through your head mid workout, but you will be one HOT mess afterwards.


Last night we continued our celebration of the Chinese new year at a local restaurant- JOY LUCK. They put on an amazing show to kick of the new year, loud drums, dancers and a dragon that made its way through the restaurant.


We ordered stuffed eggplant with shrimp cakes in a spicy garlic sauce.


Phew! They weren’t joking around with that sauce! It was SPICY!! Brent loved it! I guess I’m just a bit weak when it comes to spicy foods! It was still good and I enjoyed the meal along with the show. T was a little worried about the dragon.. and B held this face whenever it came by.



After dinner I hurried home and jumped in the shower and into some cozies and headed out to a movie with some friends from the neighborhood.

We went to see WAR HORSE


To be honest, I have the attention of a 5 year old and due to the heart felt, slow kind of moving movie and to prevent embarrassing myself by falling asleep and drooling on my friends shoulders.. I played words with friends..(we were pretty much the only people in the theater so I didn’t feel half bad about having my phone out.) Overall, it’s a okay movie but I wouldn’t waste your mula on it in theater.

Q. What is your favorite Animal movie?

Milo and Otis. Hands down. I cry every time.

Q. What was your hardest workout this week so far?

SPECTER.. followed closely by the 10 mile run I have scheduled later tonight..