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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Protein Q&A

Hey hey!! Wow. Its Thursday!! This week FLEW by! This week has been BUSY! But I can’t complain because I have been busy doing things I love- Playing, feeding, chasing, dancing, running, teaching, yelling, and eating!
Recently, I have received a few emails from readers asking about protein powders. Why? When? How much? etc. etc.

I’m going to answer them all! (To the best of my knowledge)

NOTE: Let me remind you, I am NOT a registered dietician, My views are my own built upon my personal experiences and recommendations. I am also not affiliated with any product.

Protein Q & A
“green monster smoothie”

“Will Protein make me gain weight?”

Woman are often turned off by protein in fear that it will make them “bulky” or gain weight. No, that would be testosterone.
Protein is not just for athletes, it can be very beneficial to women on so many levels.
It can:
  • Help you achieve your daily protein intake
  • Achieve lean muscle
  • Support fat loss
  • Assist with weight maintenance
  • Support Workout recovery

  • and take place of that milkshake craving Winking smile
“There are so many different kinds of protein how do I know which one to get?”

Yes, there are a ba freakin jillion different kinds of proteins! Brands, flavors, and types. The only way really is to TRY them. Brent and I still to this day haven’t settled on one brand of protein, We like to try different brands and flavors. We do have a favorite that we usually float back to eventually but you really just have to taste test them for yourself.
“What are the different types of protein and do they really make a difference which type we use?”

No.. and Yes.. Let me break them down for you.

Whey- There are several types of whey protein- Hydrolyzed, Isolate and just plain whey. Whey protein is known to be fast absorbing! So it is ideal to drink post workout or I recommend it first thing in the morning. Hydrolyzed and Isolate wheys are lactose free!
IMG_5362[1]My current fav.
Soy- Soy proteins are low fat, and vegetarian friendly! I have tried Soy protein in the past but wasn’t a fan. It was chalky and just sick.

Egg- Egg proteins are also lactose free, I have heard great things about egg protein but I have not tried it because I would have to give up buying all other food in order to fit it in my budget. It’s a little pricey.

Casein- Casein Protein is slow digesting so it is best to have before bed. It allows a steady flow of amino acids in the blood stream and slows protein breakdown.

Plant protein- Pea protein seems to be a hit out in blog land (sun warrior). Of course it is vegan friendly because it is derived from plants such as pea, hemp and rice. It is also a bit pricey.

“How often do you have a protein shake?”
Personally, I aim for about 140 grams of protein a day. (Not all in shake form, just overall) In order to meet that, protein powders take place in my diet daily! I will drink a whey isolate first thing in the morning because your body has been fasting the last 7-8 hours and it needs something quick!  Even if I’m not actually hungry early in the morning I know my muscles and body are. Then I will have another shake post workout. And a Casein Shake right before bed if I feel like it. (Usually my dinners have a good amount of protein that I don’t feel like additional protein is needed).
Here is an example of how I make my shakes.

“How much protein do I need?”
However many pounds you weigh is the amount of protein your body requires daily. Post workouts or at each meal I would aim for about 20-30 grams.(This is what was recommended for me, my body type and activity level.)

“Should my protein shake be considered a meal replacement?”

Depends how much shiz you toss in there. If your just mixing it with water/milk then no. But if you are adding a banana, Oatmeal, berries, apples, spinach, cocoa, yogurt.. etc. etc.… Then probably.
Protein powder to me is simply a supplement not a meal (unless I’m on the go.) But I prefer real food over a “meal replacement” shake any day.
“Can I drink a protein shake if I don’t workout?”

Yes! They can be tasty and make a great snack in the middle of the day if you need a little somethin somethin to tide you over till dinner.

I actually keep a case of these in my car, just incase I’m out and about and not able to get home after a workout or if I’m running errands!

Hope that answered some of your questions! Let me know if you have any more, I’d love to answer them!!


  1. Great thoughts! I like both whey and egg white. All rice protein tastes like dirt to me

  2. Hey, I follow your blog and love it!! You're such an inspiration! I just wondered if you took protein while you were pregnant.

  3. Thanks for this post and all the info! I am just getting into protein shakes and wasn't sure exactly what I was doing. I have a better understanding now, thanks! :)

  4. I have to disagree a little here
    ,.....“How much protein do I need?”

    However many pounds you weigh is the amount of protein your body requires daily.

    If a heavier person were to eat a gram of protein for every pound that could be 200-250 or even MORE in protein. I think that is a little much, correct?
    My trainer told me 1 gram per lean muscle you have on your body (which is different)

    Just wondering if you can clear up for me why you suggest it the other way?

  5. Are protien shakes safe durirg pregnancy? I have some diet muscle milk and im scared to drink them! I know i need more protien but i struggle with it! You can reply on my blog or email me at thanks! I totally admire you! I was always going to body pump at the bountiful golds, but have taken time off while being prego ( bad, i know!) i cant wait to sart going again!

  6. I've been on the fence about incorporating protein powder into my diet, only hesitation because I don't know what brand to try [don't want it to be chalky]... Most likely I'd mix it into a smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal- thoughts or suggestions?! Thanks :D

  7. I've never used protein powders before, but I'm interested in trying them out. I actually went to the Vitamin Shoppe today and got two samples. This post was helpful, and now I'm off to read round two.