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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Outsiders 2012

This weekend Brent and I left the babes and got a little getaway in with some friends. You may call it a trip, rather then a vacation.. but actually, the perfect vacation for me involves no kids, my husband, close friends and sweat. So, I’m classifying it as a vacation.I mean, when else do you make human pyramids, 406541_712590101851_29001302_34589215_988039872_n
Make a whole new meaning to a “ice bath”.
(yes, I have crazy friends.. It was probably 5 degrees outside.. so note: I’m in the car taking this photograph..)
Leg wrestling, games, laughing and chatting way past my bedtime. I think I was actually the first one to crash. My eyelids automatically shut at any moment past midnight. 
We woke up late (8am ish) enjoyed some oatmeal –
steel cut oats, berries and bananas. SO yummy.. pretty sure I had 3 bowls. But I was totally carb loading for what was about to come…

After breakfast it was time for the epic relay.
The inside-outside-upside down relay!
We were first separated into groups of 5 or in our case.. 4.
We were given a list of exercises that we had to strategize through to accomplish “for time.”
As a group we were to do the following: (from what I remember)
  • Run 20 miles
  • 400 high sumos next to a red vehicle
  • 500 lunge steps next to a fence
  • Hang upside down
  • 1000 jump rope next to a gas pump
  • 500 situps by a pine tree
  • 300 burpees in snow
  • 300 bicep curls per arm in front of a sign with a  “P” on it.
  • 600 air squats 3 ft high
  • 500 KB swings with a cow in a background
  • 500m swim with 10 pushups after every 50 m.
  • 15 min. plank
  • 150 pull ups
  • 3 people had to do the macrena in a place of business
  • Random dance party with at least 5 spectators
There were a few rules we had to follow:
  • You could do it in any order.
  • You must take a picture of each event.
  • The 20 miles must show on only 1 Garmin.
  • Only 2 people could be performing a movement at a time
  • Once you started an exercise you had to finish it.
  • After gathering our thoughts and our plan of attack we all hit start on our timers and jumped were off.
Here are a few pics from the relay-
Brent, Chelsea and her husband nick hanging upside down!
Bicep curls next to a street sign with a “P” on it..(Notice the nice placement of my scarf? Haha!!)
Nick pounding out burpees in the snow!
Chelsea on the run!
photo 1
Brent and I attacking high sumos in front of a red vehicle
photo 4
Brent jump roping in front of a gas pump.
****Most of the pics were taken from Chelsea’s camera so Ill be sure to post more later.
**Props to all who planned and took part this weekend especially Katie for taking the time to organize, cook and clean and entertain all of us crazy cats up at her families cabin. THANKS KATIE!!
I think everyone will agree that it was a great weekend!!


  1. oh my gosh! What a workout and what a weekend. Glda you had fun

  2. That was a great weekend, and it wouldn't have been the same without you Candice. Love you so much!!!!!!