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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stripes or Solids


It was 54 degrees outside today.


This is just weird.. probably means it will be snowing in JUNE.

Utah weather can be a little crazy like that.



Day 4. Hell week.

Meginator+ 1 mile row

15:46 min of pure torture. Its funny, no matter how sore you are when that timer starts you suck it up and forget about it all and give all you can to just get through it. Then when you finish.. every muscle in your legs starts to cease up. (You know when you finish running a marathon and if you hold still for 2.2 it takes you another minute to get going…almost just like that.)

Yesterday, My hamstrings were screaming and during the WOD.. they were crying but now I actually feel pretty great. My tune might change come 6 am.

Since we are out of cereal now, I decided I should bring some veggies back into my life.


I threw together a quick salad, using a spring mix, red peppers, onion and sodium free tuna mixed with a little grapeseed vegannaise.


With some butternut squash and 4 strawberries on the side.

After lunch I ran a few errands including a quick stop to lulu to have them remove the security tag that was left on one of my Christmas gifts!

When I got there, they had just received a new shipment and stocking the shelves with some new digs.

I decided to exchange my jacket for a different one and was able to get a new top also with only a $8.00 difference.

My original jacket was solid black and figured I may as well venture out of my comfort solids and go for a different look!


YAY! I needed some new clothes to motivate me through the rest of this week! Winking smile

After a quick stop at my sisters, to help clean up her Christmas décor then the twinners forced her to re-organize her DVD collection…


It was dinner time!


Baked chicken sprinkled with Mrs. Dash, topped with mango salsa (from costco!) Sweet Potatoes and asparagus steamed on a skillet in a Tbs. of coconut oil.



Now, I’m craving some fro-yo! Heck, it was 54 degrees today, and my hamstrings could use them to prepare for tomorrow! Smile

We red-boxed this to watch tonight! Off to hang with the hubs!

My sis gave it some good reviews! I’ll let you know!


Q. Do you prefer stripes or play it safe with solids?

I usually shoot for black. Kid tested, mother approved. Less laundry Winking smile


  1. Love you girl! I like Stripes and solids. Any LOUD colors work good as well.
    See you later for another rowing session!


  2. in LOVE with that lulu jacket :) stripes were a great choice!

  3. I used to get a bunch of patterned pieces but lately I've been keeping it safe with the solids to even things out... I'm dying to a lulu zip-up!

  4. It was 75 and humid here on the MS coast yesterday! This is why wewe all get was 29 the day before that...yeah... haha