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Saturday, January 22, 2011

{Snow Run}

Good Afternoon everyone!!! Hope your all having a GREAT weekend so far!! Last night we went to Kobe SUSHI yet again.. with some of the Mr's siblings--I love that place.. Totally a legit sushi bar. Veteran Blog readers might remember our last visit there and the experience with the Hell Fire Challenge..
I ended up getting the same thing.. as usual..

edamame to share

and the ALOHA roll
which has tuna, avocado with jalapeno and mango! 
The only thing I don't like is that they don't offer brown rice.. so I just eat the center.. I know I am INSANE.. but really.. would you expect any less from me.
I also got just a skinny salmon roll. 
No hell fire challenge this time,but the brother in law that did it last time ordered a level 6.5 to share with the table.. Everyones eyes were watering.. that is some serious spice they put in there! 

I woke up for an oatmeal craving! Seriously.. Its actually been a few days since I have made oatmeal for breakfast. And I enjoyed every last bite! 
That big white blob is vanilla greek yogurt! Its so good with the warm oats. 
You have got to try it!!

Body Pump Class was PACKED today, Loved every second of it.. even those bottom half squats.. ouch! 
I had a training run to do today, 7 miles.. done and done.. Thanks to my running partner to get me through that one.. at about mile 3 we were getting pelted with hail!!!! Most painful run to the face ever.. But we didn't let it stop us.. by the end of the run the sun was shining again.. On the drive home it started coming down even harder! But 1st week of training is complete!! YAY!! 

Green Monster - Post workout!

Time for a blog POLL

The Mister and I were having the conversation last night.. 
Free weights VS. Machine weights..
Whats your vote?
He likes both.. I am all for FREE WEIGHTS!!  Because it requires more muscle use in every workout.. Stabilization, Core, Isolation, etc. 
What are your thoughts?

Also, I have gotten a few emails lately on how to choose a gym?
What are some important qualifications to you when choosing a gym?
I have a few pointers but I want to hear your advice.
Whats important to you in a gym membership?

See you tomorrow for the tally- Tonight the Mr. and I are going on a "us" date, and I couldn't be more excited. It has literally been 11 months, since we last went out with just us. As in our anniversary last feb.
A little overdue.. ? I think so! 

Have a good weekend!!


  1. Hmmm Free weights or machine weights.. This is assuming we use either.. Wow.. Pretty big assumption!! haha I guess right now I would say machine because I don't have much(any)experience with free weights.. I would like to get more though. And again choosing a gym.. I wouldn't even know what I was looking for.. Wow I need to get out more! haha

  2. I like both free weights and machines. My preference is whichever ones I am going to use that day. With machines there is a familiarity and convenience of not having to put your weights away and with weights you get and additional challenges like core stabilization and good form. I like to keeps things mixed up and changing.
    With the gym I picked out...I like to have clean machines to be on, TVs to keep me from getting bored while running, and it has to have everything I want. Lockers, lots of cardio machines, classes, weights, and a staff that knows what they are talking about.

  3. I like machine weights when I'm at the gym but when it's home stuff I prefer free weights. Maybe that's a little weird but that's how I roll.

  4. I think free weights are more beneficial, but I think it's easier for some people to ease into exercising, or amplify their intensity later, if they can start on a machine. I think it's easier to cop out on a machine though too, so you each their own!

    I'm biased on gyms, because I've been going to GPP for awhile now (started when it was FitZone) but that's just because I've seen the light. ;)

    At this point, the only thing I'm looking for is a gym with a track (that doesn't take 15 laps to equal a mile - like my rec center does) and a treadmill that works. :) I'm not really into the tvs, I think they distract me from focusing on pushing myself. [I get it though, sometimes you do need a distraction just to make it through!]

  5. For me it is no contest. One must simiply look at my place (gpp) to see what I choose. Free weights simulate actions you would use in everyday life. While machines have their advantages (mainly rehab & bodybuilding) they rob the user of total functionality. Love your blog!