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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fries Rutabaga style

Hey Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA all week! I have no explanation besides its been a busy week.
My house is a little crazy right now...
I started making Valentine bows. Christmas bows wore me out.. so I'm getting started early on the valentine ones.

(yes, T was my model cause B was asleep at the time..shh.. don't tell his dad)

then the real craziness started.. 

It all started with my eye infection..
Then T & B got sick.. it was inevitable really.. It seems like everyone and their dog is sick lately. No fevers.. just puke and poo..
{poor sick babe}

But T is doing great and B is on her way there. No puke yet today so I think we are on the upside.

Now. I hurt my knee. How? well, it sounds dumb but I was skiing in place.. yes, I'm serious. I was practicing the new release for body attack (that we are releasing on monday!!) it is awesome for sure, but I didn't have shoes on and I caught my foot on the floor and my knee just twisted a little bit. good news. I didn't hear a snap so I think it just pulled something. :(
it only a little swollen.. now. 
But Ill be chillin like this...
for awhile.. 
ANY TIPS? Im alternating ice and heat. If it doesn't start to feel better by Monday I may have to go get it checked out.. :( 

 I can't walk without a limp and teaching body pump today was interesting to say the least.. Although I was team teaching, so someone was there to pick up my slack.. literally I can't squat or put any weight on it at all! I HATE injuries.. not ideal for my line of work life.
Not to mention Tax season has started and the Mr. is an accountant so I'm playing the single mom life for awhile.. April 16 can't come faster..
On the bright side my eye infection is better and I made fries last night!

Rutabaga FRIES!!

These fries are delicious! and A great replacement for the Mc D's we all know and love. 
What the heck is a RUTABAGA??

Its a vegetable, You can get it at any grocery store, I just picked mine up at smiths.
Its purple, round and sort of onion looking

*And moms.. you really may be able to trick your kids with these babies.* 

Preheat your oven to 400

Peel your Ruta with a vegetable peeler

Then cut off the top of them

Slice and Dice into the shape of fries

Cover in olive oil or spray them with pam

Sprinkle with your favorite seasonings! I used chili powder and Mrs. Dash

Place in oven for 15 minutes

After 15 minutes rotate the fries and continue to bake for 15 minutes. Repeat until fries have reached desired doneness.. softness.. deliciousness. etc.

Perfect side dish for a turkey burger! 

Hope you like them! 

Hope you all are having a great weekend!! 
Stay Healthy and Happy ;)
and no skiing in place okay.. 

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  1. sounds delicious, we eat rhutabagas all the time as a side dish or in stew...