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Thursday, January 20, 2011

..My Staples..

My most asked question is, what do you eat? What is your diet like?  Well.. I post some of it, but I do not post absolutely EVERYTHING.. I eat. I do have my staples, things I have almost everyday. All of which have made an appearance on the blog. Here is the run down.

Old fashioned Oats. My "original" breakfast. 
I LOVE mah OaTs!
Bear Naked Granola.. This is my guilty pleasure. Being a little pricey but I justify it because I don't buy cereal.. that often. 

Bananas- What is a protein shake without them. I also eat them pre-workout with a little AB
Protein- Of course.. Elite has been my favorite brand for over 2 years. Best tasting, low sugar. Delicious. I use it ALL the time!! breakfast, baking, post-workout, snack. 
Kroger Water: I literally cannot stand the taste of any other water!! I'm kind of a water snob.  I drink 7-8 or more a day!! I keep some in the back of my car at all times!! 

Sabra Hummus- does it get any better? Best hummus I have tried thus far. Any and all flavors! 

Extra Sugar free gum- mint chocolate chip is the best by far. 
hello, my name is Candice and I'm a gum addict! 

Edamame- Makes a great snack and fun to throw in pastas and salads

Green beans- Are always my go-to veggie side for dinner or a quick snack

Ezekiel Bread: The one and only whole protein bread. Although, I only enjoy it toasted. Its hard to get used to at first. But in my opinion the best bread for you out there.

Smart Balance butter: is Better.. I use this for all my baking

Kroger Greek: Cheaper then other greek yogurt, has lower sugar (vanilla & plain only), and taste delicious.
once you go greek you don't go back!

Peppers: love them to add color and crunch to meals and they are the perfect hummus dippers

Eggs- I literally buy the 5 dozen eggs at Costco and boil half of them so I can have a quick protein snack when needed. I mostly eat just egg whites. But I LOVE eggs

APPLES- I eat an apple everyday.. it keeps the doctor away

Cinnamon- the more the better

Agave Nectar- the perfect sweetner! Agave is low on the GI track which keeps your blood sugar at  the same level, avoiding those blood sugar spikes that cause you to crave carbs and sweets! 
Sweet like honey!

Thats a wrap folks! 
These are just a few of my favorite staples.. In all reality.. food is just a staple in my life. 


  1. Great list! Where do you get your protein powder and nectar?

  2. I order my protein from
    and I get my agave nectar from to save some mula. But you can get it at most local grocery store in the organic section or health food store ;)

  3. Cool. Thanks!

  4. Almost all those are my kitchen staples, too!

    I especially enjoy topping my oats with granola — Love that crunch!