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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shake, shake SHAKE!!

Hey everyone! This post may seem a little repetitive.. see if you can find a pattern?
 I have been remodeling my guest bathroom in my house..Pictures coming soon!!  But I did manage to make more whole wheat cinnamon rolls.. and mix up some yummy shakes!!
I have a new obsession..
Raspberry Shake

1.5 scoop of vanilla gourmet
1 tsp of xanthan gum
5-6 ice cubes
 1/2 C. water/almond milk add more depending on how thick/thin you prefer. 
1 cup of frozen raspberries
1/2 banana.

Last night the Mr. and I went to test drive a 4 door rubicon jeep.. those salesmen do not back off easily.. ugh.. anyone have any thoughts? We need to do a car switcharoo.. Long story short.. The Mr. has a jeep,and I have a Mazda CX7 both of which we love but the Mr. Drives a lot for work and gas is a bit pricey for the jeep.. So.. the plan is to sell the jeep, sell the mazda, buy a rubicon.. (lucky me) and get a car for him to cruise around. My husband NEEDS a jeep at all times in his life.. its mandatory. But we now need 4 doors instead of 2.. SO wish us luck.. Does anyone drive a jeep Rubicon? good family car?
Anyway.. sorry I babble.. back to the purpose of this blog!
After the Test Drive I was craving something..
surprised?  I can't get enough..

This morning I woke up ate my breakfast quickly out the door.. no time for a pic. But it was Oats.

I taught an awesome Body PUMP class this morning! I love the gym in January, I love seeing all the new faces in class and meeting new people.
After class, I HAD to run.. I'm training for the Moab Half! I haven't ran for a while.. Due to the bitter cold outside it has put a damper in my training. I need to start setting date nights with the dreadmill. Which has been hard to do. So today, I only had time for a quick run.
     Minute           Incline                Speed
 1:00-5:00               1                       4
 5:00-10:00             1                       6
 10:00-12:00           1                       6.2
 12:00-13:00           1                       7.5
 13:00-13:30           0                       9
 13:30-14:00           0                       10
 14:00-15:00           0                       4
 15:00-20:00           0                      6.2
 20:00-25:00           0                       7
 25:00-25:3             0                       9
 25:30-26:00           0                      10
 26:00-26:30           0                      11
 26:30-30:00          10                       4
 30:00-32:00           1                        4

WHEW! That will make you nice and sweaty FOR SURE! 3 miles down.  Now, just to add about 10 more..

I came home and made myself yet ANOTHER Raspberry Shake!

With a handful of Almonds. 
I'm telling you.. MAKE THIS.. So delicious! 
Raspberries remind me of summer! I can't wait for summer..
only like 24 more weeks.. 

Please NOTE: This is not all I eat.. I just happened to make these delicious shakes post workout and dessert for the past few days;) I really eat all day long.. just no time for any creative meals! But tonight I have something up my sleeve!
& I can't wait to share it! 

Q. Anybody training for a race to?

Q. Whats your favorite "summer" fruit?

Have a good Saturday!!