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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just a few of my Favorite things...

Hey everyone!
How are you liking the new site so far?  I hope its a little easier for you! Last night, I got together with the girls to watch a little drama.. The BACHELOR. Its entertaining to say the least.. Who else lurves for the fights and tears of it all??

This morning I woke up for breakfast. Nothing fancy.. just "the orginal"
mix er up

and on my way out the door to workout I grabbed on of these..

what? you have a problem with it? didn't think so. 
sugar cookie from heaven.. (left over from the bachelor party last night) 
Thanks Tara!! 

JUST a FEW of my favorite things! 

Cleaning Schtuff

Lets face it.. I hate cleaning.. we all hate cleaning but these things make it a little easier! 

I just discovered this.. Its really come in helpful for getting those stains out from baby food, puke and poop. 
Hasn't failed me yet ;)

I'm not a big rag fan, something about them sitting in the sink and wiping everything.. collecting bacteria everywhere.. Just doesn't seem to sanitary.. so after I'm done wiping my counter tops etc. I use one.. or two of these bad boys to just clean and disinfect my counter tops. 

Okay.. now, everyone. This is THE best laundry detergent out there. My clothes come out smelling fresh and clean and stay that way throughout the day..or until I have major sweat session. Its a wonderful thing.
YOU have To TRY IT! 
(side note: I only use it for my clothes. For the babies stuff I use the fragrance free tide, which is also wonderful.)


I had a comment:

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! it looks great now! i love to try everything from it! now you just need to let us know how you get such great lookin' skin :)!

First off, Thank you for that sweet compliment... I really don't have perfect skin.. like right now I have one of those lovely underground zits..ugh.  But usually, yes, my skin is pretty clear. Genetics I think? I have never had very bad acne or anything. But some of my FAVORITE things that help me keep my skin clear.

{my face wash}

Clear Cell by IMAGE. 
It has exfolliant beads in it to clean out the pores and leaves my face clean and fresh.
I wash my face every morning post workout and every night before bed.
A little bit of this goes a long way! 


I don't go tanning..
possible a spray tan every once in awhile.. but I haven't had one recently.. and I think its about time..
But I do use a bronzer. To give me a little sun kissed color. 
Totally fake.. 

Bare minerals
Faux Tan all over face color

This is all I really use.. I don't use the bare minerals veil, or base color.. Just the bronzer..
Why not? Because.. Its messy.. I used to use it all..  but I got sick of having to clean my bathroom everyday.. that bare mineral dust gets everywhere.. but I won't ever get rid of the bronzer.. its perfect. 

Also, always make sure you wash your face at night before bed. If I fall asleep without doing so I will always wake up with a zit.. an underground huge one to prove it, and no joke.. the one I have now just proves it.

Now, for some more entertaining with my own little "bachelor" (don't get any ideas ladies;))

Q. What are some of your favorite Cleaning Supplies? Any tricks out there?

Q. Whats your "original" breakfast ? 


  1. My fav cleaner would be the works for the toilets. My hubby and I bought a foreclosure a few years back, n the toilets were disgusting, but it cleaned them both right up with no scrubbing needed! Definately a I can NOT live without cleaner!! My original breakfast lately has been not having one ;) sorry, time has been getting away from me!

  2. Im so glad you mentioned a good toilet cleaner! We actually just moved to and I'm having the same problem with the toilets! Im going to have to go get some of the works!! THANKS!