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Friday, January 28, 2011

flat is just fine.

This morning on my run there were no hills or mountain in sight. This is something that I am actually okay with, especially on a long run training day. The thought of running hills makes me cringe just a little. You have to dig deep and push yourself to reach the top. Actually, some of my favorite everyday running trails have hills, but after the leg shredder yesterday.. Flat is just fine. 
When I got home two little ones were flat on their backs. 
morning mom!! 

That is just what breakfast was too. Flat. But not in flavor.. 

A toasted Thomas thin bagels smeared with Goat cheese and a poached egg white sprinkled with Mrs. Dash. 

The goat cheese was PERFECT atop the bagel thin


Dig In. 

Yes, flat is just fine.