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Monday, December 10, 2012

No sleep, Cartwheels and a Graduate.

Last night, THIS kid did not go to bed.


I’m hoping that taking out his nap will help.. sigh. Don’t want to, but two nights in a row of him proclaiming he is NOT tired.

He was not kidding either. I stayed up with him, well I laid on the couch while he played with his cars, ran in circles and made the couch into a high dive…

That picture was taken just after midnight, I tried to put him down again and he cried and screamed that he was not tired and back to the couch we went.. I fell asleep.. when I woke up (several times) He was still AWAKE.

Crazy kid..

I was so tired this morning, but knew I had to get going if I had any chance of getting anything done today.

My to-do list is a mile long, so I headed to the gym to start my day, because I always feel more productive after a workout.Something about getting sweaty first thing just makes my day go better!

The WOD today made me feel like a kid again. We were instructed to do CARTWHEELS.

When was the last time you did a cartwheel?

I am actually a child at heart, and I’m pretty sure I did a cartwheel at least 5 times last week.

But only the right side.. my left side is a little sloppy!

But the workout was pretty fun!



I also taught a kiiiiiiiilllller body attack class tonight!

Lots of lunges, squats and more lunges. My legs are going to be tired tomorrow, I’m sure of it.

Want to know something amazing?

THIS guy:


Took his very last final tonight. AS IN: Masters Program is Done, Done, DONE!!!!!!

7 years in the making, he is officially GRADUATED from the University of Utah

No more late night studying up at school, night classes, group projects or presentations. I am pretty excited to have him home at night at a normal time and not sacrificing Friday nights for cram sessions!

He chose to celebrate tonight at TUCANOS in SLC.

Tucanos is a Brazilian steakhouse where they walk around and offer you slabs or various meats and pineapple! They have an amazing salad bar as well!

The kids had a blast!


They both figured eating with the meat tongs was more effective then an actual fork.

Maybe they actually just thought we were Chinese? Either way they had a good time, and so did we!


It was a perfect celebration! Brent doesn’t get to walk until spring but at least we can plan out a few vacations next semester. Winking smile

Question of the day:

When is the last time you did a cartwheel?

You should do one right now, I promise it will be fun!

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  1. I don't think I can do a cartwheel anymore. Especially after eating at tucanos.