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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Engage Your Core

It’s a snowy Saturday….

Yesterday.. I wore a tank top, and today it’s snowing.

Go figure.

This morning I woke up early to review a few Body Pump Tracks because I released the latest release today. It was a tough class and I’m sure I’ll be feeling the 4,903,947 squats tomorrow. (Okay, maybe not that many but it was a lot!)

The new release even includes FRONT squats, in the lunge track which was fun and different, then went into air squats.. yes.. in the lunge track. Psssst….. Les mills- I kind of miss doing lunges in the actual lunge track. But it was a great release nonetheless.

Here is a quick sneak peak.

Anyway, after class I always like to chat and get some feedback – Especially after a new release.

Today, one of my all time Vets asked if we could do MORE CORE work.


You actually work your core the ENTIRE class, not to mention the WHOLE track dedicated to AB work at the end. 

YOU have to engage it! You could engage your core anywhere, and ALL day if you really thought about it.

Just because your not crunching or doing 500 sit ups doesn’t mean your not working your core.

I’m actually dedicating this whole post to this because I think it is a common thing among women, especially those who just had a baby, or who maybe of just watched the Victoria Secret Runway show.

Here are some tips for a totally ROCKING core in order of importance:



You know the old saying “abs are made in the kitchen” ? Guess what? Totally true! You have to eat right! Complex Carbs, Protein, Vegetables, and Fruits – Lower your sodium intake.


Not SODA. nuff said.

I am one to enjoy a DC every so often but I always feel better and more confident with my abs if I avoid it all together and drink water until I’ve peed at least 293 times in a day.


You need to actively engage your core throughout your workout and throughout the day. This is something I even struggle with! After 9 months of being pregnant and never having to think about sucking in, posture etc. It has taken a toll on my core. BUT if you will think about pulling your belly button back into your spine by sucking it in and up. (not holding your breathe) Hold it in for 30 seconds sporadically throughout the day (put reminders around your house!) and focus even more so during your workout you will achieve a flatter and stronger core!!

candice 6 months

Sweat pants are totally hot.

This was taken like a year and a half ago.. but my twins were 6 months old. I was 3 months into GPP and it changed my whole perspective on “core work.”


Squats, Power Cleans, Over head Press, etc.

front squats and power cleans are probably my absolute favorite movements for the core.

Most Power lifts work the core in more ways then one. They will help you shed fat and tone those abs faster then doing 387,492,374 crunches

Before I started at GPP I was a Cardio, crunching queen! It wasn’t until I started lifting that my abs came through!

5. Train the core and run it.

Yes, notice how this is at the bottom of the list. Its important, sure but Clue in on #1,2,3, & 4 before you think you’ll get a 6 pack by taking a “abs class”

Think differently on this one. 

Those are my FAVORITE exercises my core! 

You can add a new challenge to the basic Plank by being a little creative.

When people ask about core work and getting that “6 pack” there is so much that needs to take place for you to actually achieve it. The core has many different muscles (I won’t go through them)and ways to move and work, it works through any movement, and works in harmony with those muscles to create stability. If you aren’t putting the right effort into the work you may never get the flat stomach you want.

In fact- it may just not be in the cards for you.

Neil wrote an article on this very subject!- Can everyone get a 6-pack?

A pooch, a muffin top, loose skin are pretty much the evil villain to women. Most of us struggle with them, we hate it but we can get rid of them!  It does takes dedication and commitment. Mentally and Physically, that is all there is to it friends. Piece of cake right? OR is it??

Don’t forget a little cardio. Sprints are my favorite.


You want me to give you more core work?

I can make you do crunches and planks until your blue in the face.

You want a flatter stomach? Engage your core. Focus on nutrition and work for it.


Question of the Day:

What is your favorite abdominal exercise?

Help some readers out and name some food that you think would benefit the core!

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  1. This post was just what I need right now! I know what I need to do, I just need to do it & I think this post is finally what has motivated me to get after it :)