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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby got back


Well, Hello. Happy Wednesday!



I went to bed with fear last night.

Neil, the owner and master trainer of GPP always will post the workout of the day, the night before, so we know exactly what were getting ourselves into the next day. So if you want to follow along, you can check out the workouts {HERE} The explanation of the workout is posted along with video demos of each movement so you can go into the workout with confidence.

I got pretty sore from thrust-o-rama two weeks ago.. and knowing I had 330 squats coming at me today, made me want to hide in a dark hole.

But of course I’m going to go anyway..

Of course I fueled up with some pumpkin oats with two egg whites and extra cinnamon before heading to tackle the WOD.


Lo’ and behold.


The Christmas décor almost made this workout look friendly.

You start with 20 thrusters and 10 ski squats and minus one thruster and add one ski squat until you get to 10 thrusters and 20 ski squats!

The workout was named M&M’s because Janetha from meals and moves made it up! My hip flexors were on fire throughout the workout but I finished! The whole time I was doing the workout I kept singing this.. not sure why it kept popping into my head, but it did. Doing 330 squats, can make you sing crazy things.


After the workout, I had about an hour and a half before I had to be back to GPP to coach the noon class, so I headed over to skills to squeeze in a little cardio but I just wasn’t feeling it. I did a long run yesterday so I decided to give running a rest and focus on my shoulders.. (My legs were toast). So I put together this quick shoulder circuit!


I won’t be able to lift or sit tomorrow. Awesome.

Let me know if you do this workout. My shoulders were on fire!!

Skills has an awesome pro-shop, and I take advantage of it almost daily! They have a good variety of flavors and make some mean post workout shakes.


They also don’t mind customizing a shake either so I had them make me my normal shake.

  • 1 scoop protein (elite- chocolate)---> I brought my own protein today.
  • 1 scoop blueberries
  • 3 frozen strawberries
  • water and ice

I’m loving this combo right now! Taste like candy in a cup!

Question of the day:

What was your workout today?

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