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Thursday, September 30, 2010

{I got mail}

Hey Everyone! Its Thursday!! which means tomorrow the weekend begins.. & its going to be a crazy one.. but I can't wait either way!! I live for the weekends, now I know what your thinking.. I know I'm a stay at home mom and that every day is like a weekend (sort of) but the Mr. gets to be home and that is my favorite thing about it. :)
Alright down to business.

Oatmeal.. fancy that?! surprised? I didn't think so..
Now my computer won't flip this picture.. so awkwardly tilt your head to the left and say "YUM...."

I used my Pumpkin Butter for a little flava flav this morning. 
1/3 cup old fashioned oats
cinnamon & nutmeg
1/2 scoop of elite 12 hour protein
2 tbs of pumpkin butter
1 scoop (with my spoon) of libbys pumpkin
1 tbs of almond butter
and topped it off with some almonds

I must say I enjoyed it and you will too.

After Breakfast I did a little yoga X
yep, you know it.. self portrait.. self taught no lessons.. 
seriously though. Yoga kicks my trash ola..
I'm a new yogi but honestly.. I would rather run 5 miles then engage in such torture.. 
But I do love it at the same time.. I can already tell a difference with my posture and flexibility and I have only been doing it faithfully for 3 weeks. I am getting ready to take my first class... now that I got the basic moves I won't look like such a newbie hopefully.. eek. and so I don't have to listen to that p90x dudes voice.. he drives me crazy.. p.s.

After yoga I sat down to enjoy this little concoction 

I like to call it.
YO to the CheeSe 

check it

1/2 of a Strawberry Greek Yogurt.. the kroger brand.. (my new fave)
1/2 cup or more of fat free cottage
3 almonds.

protein packed.. 

Oh what was that..?. you like that mini bowl.. yes, the Mr. and I made those in our ceramics class after we got engaged.. :)

After a few hours of feeding burping and changing and playing..
We decided to head to Bountiful to check out the fall leaves.. It was beautiful, I love the mountains in Bountiful in the fall.. It smells fally and is amazing to see all the orange, yellow and red leaves.. 
We ran along the Boulevard for a few milers
& the babes were out...

again.. turn head awkwardly and *sigh*


Opened face turkey-hummus sandwich
1 slice of Ezekiel bread
bed of spinach
a bit of avocado
beefsteak tomato
drizzled with fat free/calorie free balsamic vinaigrette
and Mrs dash of course
she hardly ever misses out on lunch

Peppers w/ hummus on the side
and 1/2 a gala on the side for the sweets :)

Lookie what arrived on my doorstep today

$16 for both.. and they are pretty big.. and a pretty big deal.. 
love amazon.. 

I love the elite 12 hr nilla.. so I had to get chocolate.. then our choc whey was gone and that's the Misters favorite. He switched it up and is going to try the "gourmet"
I was excited I made a shake stat

1/2 c. almond milk
1/2 water
1 scoop chocolate elite 12 hr 
1/2 bananer
1 tbs of freshly ground PB

I love it..

{workout +}
Yes, I had another me crazy
& if your wondering if I have even showered yet.. the answer is no..
I went w/ the intention to lift. but I just didn't feel like it. Sooo
I hit the treadmill.. its a cardio day..
I did what I like to call the countdown..
warm up
5 minutes speed 6.0
1 min sprint speed 12.0
30 sec  break
1 min sprint speed 11.0
30 sec break
1 min sprint speed 10.0
30 sec break
1 min sprint speed 9.0
30 sec break
1 min sprint speed 8.0
30 sec break
5 minute run speed 7.0
5 minute speed 6.0
5 minute incline 10 speed 5.0
5 minute incline 15 speed 4.0

Hope you all had a great September.. October is tomorrow..
Can't wait to get the babies costumes ready! 
your going to LOVE them!

A few Q & A

what is xanthan gum?
Its just a thickner for my shakes, I recently got gaur gum too which makes it a bit creamier, just how I like it! You can get it at any whole foods store or sunflower, Its a bit pricy, ahem $14 but it last a long time Because a little goes a long way..

How often do you do cardio?
I do cardio.. every day.. but at different intensity.. Depends on my mood.. but I kick into gear at least 3 times a week.

Until tomorrow..
g night


  1. ok so my husband and i just found out we are expecting!!! we are so happy and excited. i love reading you blog! i feel that i eat healthy and exersize but i am going to have to put my bike away soon till next year what type of exersize would you suggest for me to start working on? yoga? i am working on running. it just kills me because of the altitue that i live at (over 7 thousand ft) but im working on it haha you are my inspiration!! i want to make sure i am as healthy as i can be for our little on that is on its way.

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