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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Being a mother, Takes DEDICATION and sometimes you have to make sacrifices. With that being said, on top of the many sacrifices you give up as a mother.. Being a HARDCORE fan is on my list. My husband and I are HUGE UTE FANS!! We have been to every single game together for the past 3 years and I even went to games with his parents while he was on his mission for the LDS church. There is something about just being here....
That brings out my competive edge and puts a smile on my face. I love college football, especially UTAH football, I have to say goodbye to joining the MUSS and the Crimson club this year because I can't be gone longer then 3-4 hours from my babies without being completley engorged.. Yep, Nursing two babies is my number one duty right now. It makes me SO bummed that I can't spend the quality time yelling at the top of my lungs with my hubby and father in law at the game today. But my babies will be getting the nutrition they deserve and I won't be in crazy pain by the end of that 3rd quarter. I went through several different options..
1. Take the babies to the game.. and feed them in the bathroom.. Yes.. not happening.. trying to nurse two babies in those little stalls would be ridicoulous.. and the game is just to loud for their little ears.
2. Take a pump and try to pump in a stall...umm okay, try to explain that one to the people who go through your bags and everything before entering the game.. "whats that"? "Oh.. this.? No worries its just my breast pump.."
3. Go late and leave early? Not fair for someone that could use the ticket to enjoy the whole game and I would hate having to come and leave all by myself. (I don't think I could talk my husband into leaving either.)
SOOOO.. Being the dedicated mother I intend to be, I will be staying home with my babies. Which is okay, because its just football, it will always be there, its not going anywhere and I'll never get this time back with my babies so I'm going to just enjoy them to the fullest, but deep down inside.. I'll be singing "I am a utah man I am.. I live across the green........
KI YI!!!
The babies and I went here for the first time with the girls.
SIMPLY Delicious

For our appetizer we shared this.. It was a pita served with ,mozzerella cheese, roasted tomatoes and red peppers and drizzled with balsamic vinigrette. So Delicious.

For Dinner I had the Lemon chicken salad, It was SO good, lettuce with grilled chicken and pomento olives with a light and sweet lemon dressing.
Overall. I give this restaurant a 10 for food and maybe a 5 for service (our server would disappear randomly and took 5 years to get my check)
So my Salt Lake peeps, if you just don't feel like cooking tonight, go try this place! It has several different Healthy options :) so you can't go wrong!