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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you say nacho?

Macho Taco & some dippity dip


TJ. flaxseed tortilla chips
low fat mozzarella cheese
ground chicken breast (or ground turkey, chicken is just what I had in my fridge
Southwestern taco seasoning (I found mine at sunflower)
2 avocados
1 tomato
Salsa of your choice
a guac mix
diced olives
1 greek yogurt plain (or fat free sour cream, I only had the greek)
1 can of refried beans

1st I prepared the meat, follow directions on the packet for seasoning.

While the meat was cooking I whipped up the dip.

You can pretty much do it in any order you see fit..

bottom to top

refried beans
plain Greek yogurt
ground chicken
moz cheese


I used the flaxseed tortilla chips that we picked up at trader joes
mozzarella cheese 
set it in the broiler for a few minutes
took it out and covered it with the left over ground chicken
olives, tomatoes and had some salsa, and guac on the side :)

{My plate}

I added some peppers and hummus into the mix just for kicks.
The Mr. enjoyed every morsel
After dinner we headed up for quick hike before it got dark.
This trail is up cottonwood canyon, this place is absolutely breathtaking in the fall! And this trail runs directly next to a river. It was beautiful.

my mr. and the babes. Ready to go home

It was a good night! 

No time for the Q & A tonight.. will have to continue in the morning! 
goodnight y'all

..Something to think about..

I came across this site today and it really hit me hard. Like a smack in the face. 

click on the link.. just do it :)

I recommend that you read this and let me know what you think about it. 
To me, It touches my heart on so many personal levels, We all know somebody or maybe its ourselves that we see it.. Its the Quest of perfection.. Everyone has something to hide.. Don't be afraid to be you and face your fear no matter what anybody else thinks.. Its not their life its yours.
 YOU are in control and only YOU can make change to be the best you can be.