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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rain Showers bring..

Wedding Showers!! I had a wedding shower tonight for one of my best friends! It was fun to get together with the girls. We played some fun games and ate some scrumptious food. We had little turkey sandwiches, fruit, veggies, salads, and of course a beautiful array of desserts!
My friend made these cute little labels for the water bottles! Such a cute idea for the shower! They were a big hit and of course a healthy choice to tack it on a water bottle! I filled my plate with some broccoli, carrots, olives, slices of turkey, some greens and of course some fruit! and then went back for seconds on the watermelon.. cause I just love it!
I did well at resisting the temptations luring me in from the dessert table. I stuck with the fruit, and called it good.

For the shower I made a pasta salad..and of course some chocolate chip cookies..(my not so healthy version) But I didn't even have one.. should of.. tried to.. but they were gone before you could say sam's your uncle.
                                                        Here is the group, love these girls!

The W.O of the day..

Do you ever have those days when you walk into the gym.. and ugh.. you just think there is no way your going to sweat today.. Today was one of those days. But I did it. I made that 1 hour worth it.
I just turned up my ipod and hit the treadmill.
warm up
incline 1.0
speed 5.0 for 2 minutes
then I kicked into high gear..
incline 0
speed 11.5
30 secs. on 30 secs off.. continue for 30 minutes.. after every 4 sprints or so I'd slow down and walk for 1 minute then ramp it back up.
Good heck.. I was dripping!!
Row 5 minutes, as fast as possible
Stair climber: level 12, 5 minutes
Upright rows 3 sets 15 w/30 lbs.
Overhead press 3 sets 15 w/30 lbs.
Front raises 3 sets 12 w/ 12lb
Abs: w/ bosu ball and hanging leg lifts ending with holding a plank as long as possible.
So much for not feeling it..
TIP: GO to the gym with A PLAN!! no gym? PLAN your workout at home! It could be as simple as walking/running around the block a few times and pushups! A little activity is better then none right? You just have to tell yourself your going to do it.

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  1. i am still love love loving this blog, i check it everyday, ha! ok so i usually dont like super healthy food cuz i think it tastes gross..... BUT this morning i tried your fruity oatmeal special and to my suprise it was quite tasty!!! thanks so much for your food ideas! so i have a big sweet tooth - what do you eat when you are craving something sweet or dessertish that is healthy???