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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{Fall is in the air}

{The first day of fall}

 I love the fall here in Utah, the leaves are starting to change and the crisp smell of fall is the air! And when I jumped in my car this morning to head to the gym, I flipped on my seat warmers for the first time! 
Toasty buns :) 
..Workout of the morning..
60 min Body Combat + 7's

seated curls 25 lbs 7 each side 3 sets
straight bar curls 40lbs 7 X 3 sets

 triceps push ups 7 X 3
tricep dips w/ 25 lb weight plate on your lap. 7  X 3
Cable Tricep pull 7 40 lb X 3

I alternated Bicep exercise --> Tricep exercise


Hanging leg raises
plank basic
side plank right
side plank left 
cable pull 40lbs 15 X 3

I had to run to the grocery store post workout and found some goods :)

good news. Kroger now has Greek!!

Check out the stats :) 110kcal, 0 fat, potassium 210mg!, 10g of carbs, sugars 9 grams (which is the lowest I've seen by far), and my favorite.. 14 g of protein!!! Grade A in my book :) thick creamy foodgasmic! & right now they are on sale for 89 cents! 

also.. guess what else was on SALE.

So I stocked up :)

New goal of the week.

Down 3 of these bad boys a day, that's a liter bottle folks
Drinking water is top notch for your body
& in a another attempt to produce more breast milk to keep up with my growing little bundles
this is my challenge. You in?

Any other ideas to help increase breast milk production.. I'd love to hear it.
I have tried fenugreek and after a month of smelling like b-fast.. I caved.

Speaking of Breakfast..
Fall is here and so is the pumpkin :)

Pumpkin oats!

1/3 cup of oats, 
A spoonful of Libby's pumpkin
1 tsp of nutmeg
1 tbs of cinnamon
a dollop of vanilla Greek yogurt
1/2 scoop of vanilla whey EAS

Yum! I loved my pumpkin oats:)
go ahead and try it! & if you want to sweeten it up a little more add a tbs or so of agave nectar

How many calories do you need?

This is a common ? I get.
"I am trying to lose weight and I exercise and I cut calories but its not going anywhere."
well, its simple.. 
intake vs outtake
You workout, but how many calories are you taking in and what energy is that intake giving you?
Rule of thumb
1. Take your weight and multiply it by 10. This = how many calories you can take in each day to maintain your weight without any physical activity
for example if you weigh 140 you can consume 1,400 calories
But if your goal weight is 120 aim for about 1,200 calories each day.
2. Make your intake worth it. Whole grains, healthy fats, fruits, and veggies our of course the best fuel for your body, not to be wasted with the "handful of m&ms", the Dr. Pepper.. or that small fry.
Give your body the fuel it deserves.
3. Factor in your daily activity, your a mom, your a nurse, your a receptionist..
The fact of the matter is, no matter your occupation you incorporate movement throughout everyday life, so add another 3 calories per pound of your ideal body weight that your burning off each day. 
for example: if you want to weigh 120 you can afford an addition 360 cal!
4. So you built up a sweat today? That's great! add half the calories your burn to your total intake, this way you will always have the energy to blast through your workout but won't undo that sweat sesh.

We live in such a weight obsessed country, why, why do we obsess over that number..& the fact most women over analyze themselves, you may not fit into a certain dress size and complain of your body shape.. I have to admit it.. I have done it. I complained that my pants were to tight and my arms are so lanky.. but now I try to pick out something everyday that I like about my body, the number on the scale no longer matters. I mainly just judge how much my the tone in my arms and celebrate the fact that the jeans I do have, slip right on. 
So another challenge today, look at yourself in the mirror and pick out the things you love about your body. You are your biggest competitor, the game is as easy or hard as you make it.
Stay positive, changes come over time and I believe that you have the power to be your best:)

Did anyone catch this little flick last night?? I just watched it this morning.. I'm stoked!

Have a good morning! 


Q. What is your favorite thing about fall?
I love the fact I get to wear a jacket every day!
and enjoy my delicious pumpkin oats
Q.  What body part are you most critical of? What do you love?
I'm probably going to have to say my arms.. I have long long.. arms..and they are as lanky as can be but I love the tone in my shoulders/biceps:)
Q. Are you excited for this season of Glee??
heck yes I am..

How about you?


  1. I was recently given the Versatile Blogger award and the deal is, you pass it on...Hope you don't mind, I passed it on to you. If you would rather I remove your link from my blog, let me know, no big deal. I really enjoy your blog, thanks for blogging.

  2. Blessed Thistle (capsules)and Mothers Milk herbal tea (if you can take the taste!). Make sure you are pumping for an extra 2 minutes after your milk is done coming in each time. :) I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking I smelled like syrup all the time when I was taking Fenugreek!! hahaha.

  3. I put a link to your blog on mine...hope that's ok. :) You are a workout queen!!!

  4. I am not a mom yet, but I really enjoy reading this blog. It is very informative and a lot of questions I had have been answered. Thanks Candice!

  5. I had huge supply issues with my first when I started working out harder and dieting. Like, looking at what you eat in a day, there is NO way, I could produce enough milk eating just that. I honestly don't know how you are doing it with TWO! But, that's my body. My doctor told me it is important for a mother to have fat in order to produce fat in her milk. (?)