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Monday, September 13, 2010

Favorite Blankets..

Every Kid has to have a blankie right?..( I know I did..till I was 17 till my mom had to make me a new one..) You know.. those pieces of fabric that they drag around and get all disgusting, the only thing that brings them comfort and you have to steal it and wash it while they are asleep.. Well, my kids just found theirs.. My grandma made these cute blankies from a minky fabric and the babies snuggle right into them and fall asleep SO fast.. Its really magical. So if you need a comfort blankie go for the minky!!

Here is B all comfy..

Q. Did you have a blankie or another comfort item?
yes, I did.. it was a silk cream blanket with a floral fabric on the outside and silky on the inside.. I slept with it till someone.. stole it..while I was sleeping and got rid of it.. then my mom made me a new one.. it was shredded on the inside.. and just dirty. BUT I LOVED IT.. and still do.. Mr. B gets jealous sometimes. Haha!

What was your comfort item?


My workout today was BODY ATTACK..Yep, I'm back in the game! 

Body attack is a killer cardio, constantly changing, lots of running, jumping, plyo work and even pushups till you can't do anymore.. Try it if you haven't its Killer. 
Not to mention fast results.. 

(sorry, no pics of meals today.. I realize I eat close to the same thing.. everyday..exciting eh?
I'm trying a new recipe tomorrow so be sure to check later.. It will be delicious!