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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Hey everyone!! Hope everyone had a haunted halloween!!
I finally figured out why pictures weren't loading.. back to blogging fo sure now ;)

Heres some pics of our halloween fun!

We had our first party at our new house! We had a few friends over and carved pumpkins!

The whole group!

My little pirate and mermaid ;)

and my handsome hook

ARG.. family

Dinner for the night
(1st actual cooked meal in my new house!)

Salmon, steamed peas and yellow squash
with some sweet potato!
I poured agave on the salmon and sprinkled mrs. dash on top and then baked it on 350 for 20 minutes 
Super easy and healthy as can be;)

I then decided to make dessert
I wanted to make the 2 ingredient pumpkin cookies but when I pulled out my cake mix it was carrot not SPICE.. ooops So I just added some cinnamon and nutmeg.

dumb carrot.. but they still turned out delish

*mix all the ingredients*

Spice Cake mix + Pumpkin = foodgasmic deliciousness

and feel free to eat as much as you want cause there is no raw eggs in it! (these are even vegan friendly :)  )

I also roasted up the pumpkin seeds!

cinnamon, with Agave. I was distracted.. mmmm imagine that?! and they were burned.. but just sprinkly cinna all over and mix in a little agave and bake at 350 ten minutes.. mix em up and bake for 10 more. 

Hope everyone had a 

Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Hallows Eve..

Hey Friends.. So I just wrote a whole post.. and "internet explorer stopped working" wth.. oh well.. Here it goes again..

Well, I'm finally back to the bloggy! My internet service.. gave us our internet back.. dogs. (that's just a whole other story!)

Anyway, Its Halloween EVE! Any fun plans!?

This Morning I did a Triathlon..
Okay.. not for real but My own triathlon

Body Combat
Body Pump (while wearing my fleece cave woman costume) .. never again.. I was a sweaty mess.
Body Attack..

Say what? Yes, I did all 3.. call me crazy. I don't do this often but when I teach both that's just how it rolls.. Only do what you feel comfortable doing. Just because I did it Doesn't mean you have to. Listen to your body. If the only workout you get today is taking your kids trick or treating house to house. AWESOME! That is a workout itself.. especially if you go on hills ;)


1 C. Oat flour
2 Scoops Vanilla Protein
2 TBS cinnamon (i looove it)
1 TSP Nutmeg
1/2 can of miss libbys pumpkin (the small jar)
1/2 tsp of baking soda
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
1 & 1/2 mushed ripe ripe banana

Pre-heat oven 350
Mix all ingredients together and Pour into bread pan.
I baked mine for about 30 ish minutes.. depending on your oven. Keep a good eye on it and stick a toothpick in to make sure its cooked ;)

I may or may not of picked at it before the picture..

We killed the loaf.. 

It was delish. 

Last night we carved our pumpkins.. and you know I saved the seeds.. they are still drying.. so tomorrow I will share the recipe for my fav roasted pumpkin seeds

Alright.. blogger picture uploader is not working... I will post pics when it will actually let me!

Have a great day everyone!!!

What are you being for Halloweeny?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Till Friday..

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been Mia the past few days! Good news we got into our new home.. Bad news no internet till friday! This blogging from the iphone is tough... So fun pictures, meal plans and workouts coming your way.. Thanks for your patience!
See you Friday:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Goal achieved ;)

Today, we are finally going to finish moving, so I don't have any healthy meals to post since they will most likely consist of  luna bars till we get everything moved over and probably a celebration papa murphy pizza is in order..(gourmet veggie + Chicken) for dinner.. we will see..
But I thought I would upload a picture of my progress 
This was actually taken a few weeks ago.. and I kind of didn't feel comfortable posting it but that's part of the reason I created this blog
Well. I met my goal 
I am back to my prebaby body 

This is the day I went into labor  
was taken

Oct 1 
(don't mind my messy closet/bathroom)

Its amazing to me how the woman body works and changes.. 

I took measurements to but I packed away my notebook somewhere..
So once we get unpacked and settled in our new home
I will post them.
But from now on I will post a lot more healthy meals and fitness ideas to help you achieve your goals!
& all the crazy shenanigans of our crazy life ;) 

Have a wonderful and happy healthy day

{Quote of the day}

Time is going to pass, no matter what. You can choose to use time to your advantage and work hard to accomplish the goals you’ve set out for yourself and look back after 6 months and be proud of all that you’ve done. Or, in 6 months, you could be exactly where you are right now. I remind myself of that often when I’m lacking motivation to eat well or work out. Stick with it… it’s well worth it and if it were easy, everyone would do it. You can 

-the fitnessista

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Treats

How do you avoid the Halloween candy feast?
Here are a few tips to help you avoid over-indulging

1. Freeze chocolate candy like the snickers, milky ways etc. Frozen candy takes longer to eat, creating the feeling of indulgence from a smaller serving.
2. Eat some Halloween candy. If you try not to eat any at all, it will only lead to feelings of deprivation. Its ok to have a piece or two a day. Portion control
3. Buy candy that doesn't particularly sound good to you. Avoiding your favorite reeses may be nearly impossible while walking past a tootsie pop might be simple
4. Don't buy your Halloween candy until the day of. That way its not laying around for you to graze on.
5.But if thats to late,  Incorporate candy into healthy meals. Add a little crunched up butterfinger to your morning oatmeal or Greek yogurt.
5.Make a trail mix with healthy nuts and chex pieces and throw in that fun size m&m's
6.Make Healthier treats. These pumpkin cookies have about 90 cal. each
7.Pick out dark chocolate pieces for healthy antioxidants. 8. Be sure to keep your activity up, go for a nice fall walk/run. Take a group fitness class or circuit train.

Good LUCK! and I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy Halloween week!

My favorite Halloween candy!


Whats your favorite Halloween treat?

Who is dressing up this year? What are your kids going to be?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

moving day postponed yet again..

Has anyone EVER had as many difficulties in buying a house as we have!! I am very frustrated with it.. I am just camping out in my house until they give us the keys to get in..which will not be until MONDAY..

So I decided I would share a pumpkin cookie recipe.. (thanks julie) cause thats all I want right now to make me feel better.. the only problem is .. all my pans and supplies are in boxes so I can't make them right now.. but maybe you can ;)


1 can of libbys pumpkin
1 box of spice cake mix

optional.. chocolate chips, nuts.. whatever you think would be delish.

right now.. I would pick chocolate.

Preheat oven 350
Mix the can of pumpkin and the cake mix together
spray cookie sheet with some Pam
place dollops of the dough on the sheet
Bake for 10 minutes 

Instant pumpkin cookies.
easy schmeasy 

Until Monday.. I will be camping out in this.

oh well.. maybe we can make a fort with all the boxes.. ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Moving day...

Ya.. I WISH.. We did close yesterday.. we did sign our life away..we did have a blowout during the whole process.. we did have the final walk through of our soon to be house, yes we faced facts that repair addendum's are useless.. (if you need it fixed, just do it right yourself). Yes we were up till all hours of the night packing..
Now.. WHY? are we not loading up? Well, the previous owners have not left yet.. So I get to spend the day trying to remember where I packed my toothbrush.. cause it looks like we will have to move tomorrow..

Alright.. So the positive in all this craziness..

1. I will get more help tomorrow..cause more of the familia is available
2. Brent and I will get to spend the first night in our new house together.. Due to the fact tonight he has had planned to do this for months..

3. We will have most of the DAY tomorrow to move everything

So tomorrow will come and the work will then begin, until that time.. I will be feasting on luna bars and apples..  and oatmeal out of plastic cup and eating it with plastic knife.. and yes, I'm being serious.. EVERYTHING is packed!! So I kind of feel like I'm camping..

Sorry, there really is not going to be a delicious recipe today... but I will share with you whose been entertaining the twinners while mom and dad pack away..

Meet bob and larry.. the babies love watching these two little healthy veggies chat about good morals and happy deeds ;) one cartoon I don't mind watching with them. ;)
If you haven't seen veggie tales I highly recommend them to everyone ;)
You can get some of the movies by clicking HERE

Have a good weekend everyone! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

on crack

My blog is on crack.. I don't know what happened.. is it scrambled on everyone else's computer? I'll try and get it fixed.. sorry y'all :(


Its time to get my packing butt in high gear! We close today on our new house! Can't wait.. I better find my lucky pen ;) so I can sign my life away later..
First I'll tell you about dinner

Indian Thai  Panang Curry

First start making your rice
I went with brown rice.
love it
Then I got going on the tofu

I cut and press the tofu and seasoned it with cumin and paprika

In separate pan
add olive oil, sweet onions, peppers, and let them cook for a little while
then pour in the sauce
I went with 

I put some frozen corn in and brought to a boil then added the tofu

Roasted some Aspargus

While I was waiting for the rice to cook.. I decided to sip on a pumpkin protein shake
really makes making dinner fun..okay, more like dessert first ;)



This morning my original plan was to wake up and hit up a body pump class but ended up pressing snooze one to many times.. probably shouldn't of spent the night with our midnight craft.. 
coming soon;)

Anyway.. I ended up on the dreadmill.. but ended up having a good little sweat.
Then I did a cable ab pull 45 lbs , 15 reps each side
tricep pushups
ab pull
tricep pushups
ab pull
tricep pushups
10 pull ups
30 crutches on bosu ball
10 pull ups
30 crutches
10 pull ups
30 crutches

Back to the casa for breakfast!

It was so good last night I had to have it again.

I know your all loving my mini pumpkin mug;)

I have eggs to use before we move so eggs it was

I used my yolk separator buizness up in heeere 
Don't know why I never did before! 
so easy. 

4 egg whites
chopped green pepper
sweet onions
(left over from last night)

It was a perfect high protein breakfast!

I love making egg white omelets! I love to mix with lots of veggies! but since we are cleaning out the cupboards and I'm a little limited right now.. but I made do ;)

I'm off to get ready to go sign my initials on a whole tree.. 
(because you have to sign so many papers when buying a house) got it?


What is your least favorite part of moving??

What favorite Veggies do you love in your omelet ??

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{Pump up the Jam}

Pump up the jam, Pump it up like the new beat thats comin...(sing it)

As promised here is a new playlist to get you through your workout! I played with it last night and ran my socks off..

1. Just Dance- Lady Gaga; warm-up (feel free to dance)
2. Live Your Life (clean version)- T.I. featuring Rihanna
3. 3 Brittany Spears
4. I like it - Enrique Iglesias (I LOVE IT)
5. Green Light (feat. Andre 3000)- John Legend
6. Pain- Three Days Grace
7.Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake 
8. Whats love got to do with it- Tina Turner
9. Situation- Yazoo
10. Explosive- Bond
11. your love is my drug- kesha
12. king of anythng- Sara Barielles - cool down 

Please Tell me YOU watch MODERN FAMILY.. 
and yesterday you did some
"TROGA"  hahahaha... "you never heard of troga?" if you missed that episode (Strangers on a treadmill) .. please watch it..
and don't forget your blue stretchy pants ;)

Packing is kickin my booty.. but still SO EXCITED!! Today, I'm taking down cribs and hopefully collecting more boxes.. I'm running out!!

Lets rewind.. yesterday  preworkout I enjoyed this delicious treat

half of banana with some Creamy new PB

I did a little warm up on the treadmill

And then I hit up another GPP workout

40 kb swings 25/35
40 squats
40 O.Z pullups
40 lunge steps
40 OH db presses 15/20
40 KB high sumo 35/54
40 triceps OH french press 15/25
40 back ext
40 tick tocks (20 per side)
40 db biceps curls 15/20
complete 2X

Thanks GPP you Kicked my trashola.. 

Then off we went to "whole paycheck" and picked up some goods..

Tortilla chips with sunflower and flax seed, low sodium, thai sauce, cliff fruit bars, Justins pb packets, 2 new PB jars.. (I'm a little obsessed with fun flavor PB..) and some chicken medley and lasagna for the mister from the hot bar ;)

Can't wait to use this..

This morning I woke up early.. Grabbed a little banana for fuel and headed for a little fighting in BODY COMBAT with Shelly, She is AHHmaZing! love this girl.. She knows how to work it;) I'll miss her class.. Since this is my last week in Murray. tear. 
Thats all I'm doing for the day.. still feelin it from last night!

Came home and made a delicious breakfast!

1/3 C oats
1/2 scoop of whey vanilla EAS (not my fave) 
1 tbs of cinnamon raisin Swirl pb.. and yes. its a go..
a little squirt of agave nectar.
So good! 

Sorry for the lack of recipes lately.. I'm trying to eat out my cupboards  & fridge so I don't have a lot of food to move.. So all my meals are pretty simple and quick and snacky.. but hey thats how I roll..
especially when most of my pots and dishes are packed in a box someplace..
Hope you having a beautiful morning
loves! xoxo

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Good morning everyone!! To start off today.. I should probably inform you of the events from last night following the Hell Fire Challenge... click here if you didn't catch that post..

Well..About 3 hours post victory.. my crazy brave brother in-law.. ended up here..

Yes.. that's the E.R at LDS hospital in Salt Lake City.

After spending about 2 hours straight of throwing up blood...and he was in extreme pain.
 It was the only option..
poor guy.. They had to take some x-rays of his chest and they think that he tore something at the base of his esophagus while he was throwing up.. Gave him a morphine shot and sent him home with some pain meds.. No bueno

So future reference.. Don't do that challenge or you might end up here..

This morning I didn't get my work out in because of the late night.. sleep was more important so workout will just have to wait until tonight ;)

I woke up and enjoyed another bowl of my 

and I was still hungry so I went with 

Kroger Greek with frozen blueberries and do you like my one and only Halloween decoration...see him grinning at ya?  Because of moving I haven't pulled out all my Halloween decor.. which is sad.. cause I LOVE to decorate.. but now I will have a whole house to deck out!! t-minus 3 DAYS!

Well we are still in our jammies... 
Time to go get ready for the day! 

I found this quote from janetha  & i ♥ it!!

Have a good day!! 

Coming up: A new rockin Playlist for your Ipod to get you through your workout ;)

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hell-Fire Challenge

Hey, Everyone! Congrats to the winners of the giveway! I had a fun time doing it and lots of entries! So way to go to those who won! I enjoyed it so much.. I'm already starting to think about the next one ;)

My Workout today was BODY ATTACK, It was a great class, I had a few new people join in today and they did an amazing job!! Way to GO!! I'm proud of ya ;)

After my workout I enjoyed a peach guava shake on my way out the door,
(no pic, but trust me on this one.. it was like a summery heaven) cause I had to be speedy to meet up for dinner at  Kobe Sushi! If you haven't been there yet, It is delish.. (my only complaint.. is they don't have brown rice..) Anyone have a favorite sushi place that has it?
I ordered the ALOHA roll.. It was delicious as always..
But the Mr. makes fun of me cause I am a ding bat with chopsticks and I totally tear apart my food.. I try to not eat the white rice.. call me crazy.. Here are a few of the rolls we shared with the table ;)
 My Aloha Roll
The Misters Vegas Roll
& my personal favorite.. edamame.. but please hold the salt..

Anyway.. we actually went to watch my brave brother in-law dominant the

The guy on Man Vs. Food was here!! 

First.. Let me lay this out for you.. The hell fire challenge  it costs $19.95 to start and consist of 1 roll at a level 6 intensity for a "warm up" Then its on to the "challenge" Level 7 intensity and you have to eat 7 pieces of the roll! They only bring out two at a time cause most people whine out.. It's EXTREMELY hot.. I could tell by the look on his face. AND the tears in his eyes!
(The last time we were at this place a guy was doing this and had to keep running out cause he was puking ALL over!) sick.. PS they make you sign a waiver before you start! and they make sure you have health insurance! promising huh?..
Anyway.. BUBS DID IT!! We couldn't believe it!! What a stud huh?! sorry.. ladies he is taken..
They bring the beginning of the challenge out like this..

He made it look easy..
But really he said he was dying inside.. and he felt like he couldn't breathe but was...?

The chef told us its made with chili seeds but wouldn't say what kind.. "its secret ingredient"

*The body of a bubba*

You win a T-shirt and some Ice cream if you win!

Bubs was the 1,046 to take the challenge and the 56th Person to actually complete it!! WHAT!!? that means like almost a thousand people failed!! 
now he deserves respect
.. bow to your sensi ..

This is number one.. Not healthy for your body in anyway.. 
Two.. Only CRAZY brave people attempt this thing..
three I didn't even eat any of it.. well one.. its not healthy for your body.. and two I'm not crazy..brave

But you have to admit.. its impressive.

Questions For You!

1. What is your favorite sushi roll or place?

2. Have you ever taken up a food challenge?

Let me know! I'd love to hear your story!