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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Mine was wonderful! My grandparents came into town from Idaho to meet the babies. We had a a ton of fun! We went to the Utah vs UNLV game! Needless to say we were there to "PROTECT OUR HOUSE" Utes dominated as expected.

 After it was time for dinner we went to Trio! I loved it so much I had to go back.. needless to say I had the same meal.. and I don't regret it.. cause it was perfect. Lemon chicken Salad with a rosemary pita bread for our appetizer. My sister got the 3 cheese ravioli that I took a bite of.. and it was delicious.. for noodles. Pics down a few post.. But here is all of us at dinner!

This morning Brent and I slept in.. well.. kind of.. we just kept going back to bed after we fed the babies.. and luckily so did they.. so around 10 we got up for brunch.. I had oatmeal..Brent had a protein shake and oatmeal.. anyone surprised?
Since the grandparents were in town. A celebration was in order.. We had a great big family Dinner! On the menu.. Salmon, Chicken, Funeral Potates, a green salad, and rolls with homemade apricot jam. It was delicious.. I wasn't able to snap pics sadly.. cause it was all perfect but trying to feed to babies, eat and take a picture was a little difficult.. But I did get dessert..
This I heard from everyone.. that it is delicious but because.. I have an allergy for coconut.. I had to pass.. But I did dig into this.. (hey, You can't eat perfect all the time right? I am human.. So I had a slice..Portion size in mind and I didn't eat much crust.) But I love Banana Cream pie.. how could you resist this..?!


Saturday: Taught Body Pump followed by a 20 min. Cardio run. 
Sunday: A little R & R

Let me hear ya?!

Q. Anyone else hit up a football game?

Q. What was your indulgence of the weekend?

TIP: When it comes to a little indulgence.. be picky.. don't eat the entire thing.. share with someone or just get enough for a few bites. That way, you get to savor the deliciousness but not feel to guilty about it. :)