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Saturday, September 4, 2010


To help motivate me to get back in my pre pregnancy shape.. I turn to my favorite store for some new athletic wear HERE!...
I absolutley LOVE this store, my husband knows what to get me every birthday, christmas, and any other gift giving day of the year. He also knows that everytime I go to this store, we will be at least $200 poorer.. But is it worth the splurge?? SURE IS!! Now, I really am a saver, don't get me wrong, (I married an accountant for heaven sake.) I am always looking for a deal when it comes to food, shoes, clothes etc. I'm a coupon cutting and clearance shopper... But my work out clothes is what I splurge on. Let me tell you why I love lulu.

1.The pants have some extra fabric down there so they dont ride up in your special place

2.The are made with flat seam so you don't get any chaffing

3. The don't show sweat.. so no puddles under your chest or under your armpits.

4. The pants give your bum a lovely shape, lifting it higher and make it look better:)

5. I wash and hang them out to dry, No shrinking, awkward shaping, or color fading! Lulu lasts forever!!

6.The jackets are long, stretchy and form fitting, have holes for thumbs and are dang cute to boot.

7. sweaters are comfy and cozy.

8. tops have built in sport bras with those thin little cups in the so you don't see RT.

9. the crops are reversible! and have a special little pocket for ipod or a key.

10. Pretty much perfect.

When you look good, you feel good, and I feel pretty awesome in my lulu. I know you would to! So go take a splurge. You can shop online or they have a store in PC. I promise you would love whatever you get. When I hit my six week mark my husband took me out and I purchased this little outfit to motivate me to get back in my pre pregnancy shape.

love it.. and..

LOVE it!

Q. What do you splurge on??
my answer is above..
Q. What is your motivation to get back in shape?
besides my children I use cute workout clothes and new shoes to get back in gear.
Leave your answers in a comment, I'd love to hear them! :)

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  1. Candice, you are too dang cute!!! And I can't believe how AWESOME you look!!! So I am LOVING this blog! LOVE hearing what you eat during the day! I was telling brett after seeing this that I wish that I could eat like you all the time! I just don't know how you do it.... I just like naughty food too much, ha!
    Glad too see your doing good - I need to see those stinkin cute kiddos of yours in person!! :)