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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

..Labor day..

I spent my weekend here.. with my family and friends! We had a great time filled with lots of games, delicious food, beautiful hikes and a little rest and relaxation! after all.. every mom deserves that right!? I didn't document much of my food.. sorry, but I still did eat healthy, for lunch one day we made these scrumptious tuna toppers.
1 whole wheat english muffin
Low sodium tuna in water (I like white chunk)
mixed with just a little light mayo.

Another lunch..

Chicken Asian Salad
Romaine lettuce
mandrin oranges
green onions
little won ton noodles
Grilled chicken
dressing was Ken's light asian viniagrette
For dinner, my dad made all of us, delicious hamburgers, salmon, and grilled chicken. We ate it with some watermelon, pasta, and salad. On my plate I had a little salmon and chicken, lots of watermelon and of course some salad. It was delicious! The best part of the whole thing.. I didn't have to cook! But I did get to help clean up. It was a great weekend!!
Saturday: I taught BODY PUMP at bntfl GOLDS and ran sprints for 15 minutes afterward 30 secs on 10 sec. off. Had to go Fast cause we had to get on the road, but it was a good sweat session thats for sure!
Sunday: Rest
Monday: We went for a hike it was about a mile 1/2 carrying a baby. Not to hardcore..but hey I was on vacation and enjoyed the time I had with family.
What did you do for your 4-day w-end?
I went up to our families ranch and spent time with them and some friends! and my little sister even got engaged!! perfect labor day.. (without any labor)..
What is your rest day?
Mine is always sunday, its a great break before the start of another week.
How about you? Leave your answers in a comment :)