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Monday, September 20, 2010

moooo.. to the grazer..

So today was not my best day, we all have them right?.. Those days where we don't feel very accomplished and we actually had every intention at the beginning of the day to complete our mile long "to-do list." But have yet to even start it, with the "I'll do it later" attitude. Then before you know it its 10 pm & its time for beddy bye..
Well, for some reason, that was me today, I did get my workout in so that helped, but I didn't get dressed or do my makeup today, mainly because of my eye so we just stayed in ALL day..

I chose this title tonight because.. I totally felt like a grazing cow today in my kitchen.. I was too lazy to prepare anything.. yep, me.. not kidding... this doesn't happen very often.. But today, I admit it.. a handful of granola here,

 an apple and pb, yogurt with granola

 and  triscuts & cottage, 1/2 a grapefruit

 peppers & hummus, handful of chocolate chips..some Ezekiel toast and chicken breas some more toast. Probably over and over again..   No meals besides my breakfast.. Luckily I don't really keep any sweets in my house besides chocolate chips.... So I grazed on healthy things.. but there was a little too much grazing for my own good. I can't blame anyone it was my own decision.. and yes, I highly recommend avoiding being the grazing cow.. but hey, it happens so I just choose to put it behind me and move on :)

After Mr. B got home with some not so good news (I'll spare the details.) I decided since I had time.. to do a 2nd workout today.. so head to the gym to clear the cobwebs with a little cardio and weight training..

body combat
2 mile run with sprints
upright rows 3 sets 15 reps 30 lbs
side raises 3 sets 15 reps 12 lbs
leg raises
bicycle crutches
V-ups w/ ball.
I felt A TON better after this.. It always does :) 

Then I went to babies r us for some shopping therapy (hey, we all do it) But I went to pick up a shower gift for my beautiful cousin who is pregnant with a girl. I picked up the necessities for her :)

These products have all been so helpful to me as a new Mom.. So to all my pregnant peeps, make sure you have them on hand! 
I also got a couple outfits for T & B :) of course they were on SALE.. 
I promise to be back tomorrow with some healthy meals and happy thoughts. 
Let the crazy week begin! 
G night! 

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  1. Gotta love two-a-days. Tuesdays/Thursdays are usually mine. :)