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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A mom's life..

Ok, so we got home from our vacation last night and it took me ALL day to catch up on cleaning the house and unpacking!! I hate unpacking from vacation.. its in my top 10 of things I dislike to do.. (unfortunetly, its the same for my husband) especially for a family of FOUR now.. But, I did it.. 6 loads of laundry, gave the pup a bath and cleaning and organizing everything back into its original spot. While feeding, changing, burping and entertaining T & B. They loved it and just hung out. Brent got home from work early so I hit the gym to get my workout in..

I was SO exhausted from my day of cleaning, I hardly had motivation to do my workout I planned on.. So I decided to switch things up and go to BODY STEP. Which was exactly what I needed to get me going, after class (which kicked my booty) I wanted to do a few lifts
R & L incline abs: with 25lb faceplate 15 reps 3 sets. Alternating each side.
kettleball swings: 3 sets of 20
deadlifts: 3 sets of 15 with 75lbs (my bum is going to be feeling this tomorrow..especially after a step class!)
ABS: crutches with the medicine ball, as many reps as possible (amrap)
obliques with cable pull, 20 reps 3 sets, 45 lbs.
Now I'm home to spend a little time with my husband.. Well, as soon as he gets home from the gym!
(We take turns going, so one of us is home with the babies)
Thank goodness for an understanding husband to let me get a little me time!!