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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sorry, for my lack of post yesterday, but this will make up for it. So Friday night, we headed to the Utah State fair!

We met a few friends there and had a great time riding some rides, looking at the animals and strolling through the market.
I love this little piglet all curled up in its food bowl.. how comfy.

Ready to ride the rides! We went on a paraglider, and the "screamer" it was pretty fun....

I couldn't forget this..

But the line was too long :( 
We also love this..

NOW for the GRUB!

We love the corn on the cob! Look at all those toppings!
Mr. B had a good time and topped his off with some hot sauce. hold the butter :)

..makes for a happy boy..

We skipped out on the deep fried twinkies, oreos and bacon w/ chocolate.. 
I can't even stomach the thought of consuming anything of the sort..
Have you ever tried something like that?

The babies LOVED the fair! They were both so wide eyed the whole time!
It was a good night!