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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blast off!!

Hello friends! So today has been a great day, and I hope yours was as equally good! I started my morning feeding, burping and changing poops.. but during the babies nap one I decided it was time for some yoga that is just a little over due! During my pregnancy I did a lot of prenatal yoga and absolutley loved it. For all my pregger friends you can borrow my dvd if you would like.. first come first serve. It totally helped me feel better, breathing, strength and energy wise. 
But I its been awhile since I have done yoga full today I decided to pull out this little diddy..
Now, I'm not a huge p90x person.. my husband got the dvds from a friend and we pull out random ones when we are short on time and the gym just doesn't fit in the schedule. Well, needless to say.. it kicked my booty.. I forget how hard yoga is. My flexibility sure isn't what it use to be back in the dancing days but I'm determined to get there. So yoga twice a week is the goal. 

I picked up this fancy little melon today..

And it was delish, I know I've said it before.. but I love melons.. I killed half of it.. (it was a small one.. but still) oh, and they were on sale at sunflower 3 for $1!! 

Mr. B didn't get home till later tonight so I hit the gym a little later then planned... I snacked on a banana with some almond butter for a little energy.. (the iphone makes this look not so appetizing but its extraordinary.)

 and hit the treadmill here is my results..

Distance: 4.68 miles
Time: 50:00 minutes
Calories burned: 602 (ps.. thats just what the treadmill said but truthfully you really burn at least 30% more than that!)
Average speed 7.2

I have come up with a treadmill workout that I call
                   blast off..

This is formulated for advanced runners
warm up: 
incline     1.0        speed  4.0      5min
incline     1.0        speed  6.0      5-8
incline     1.5        speed  6.5      8-10
incline     1.5        speed  6.0      11-16
incline     15         speed  4.0      16-21  (don't hold on to the treadmill)
incline     0           speed  11.5    21-22  BLAST OFF
incline     0           speed   4        22-23
incline     1.5        speed  7.0      23-26
incline     0           speed  11.5    26-27 BLAST OFF
incline     15         speed  4         27-30
 incline     3.0        speed  5         30-35
 incline     0           speed  12       36-36:30
                        break 30 sec
incline 0               speed 12         37-37:30
                         break 30 sec
incline 0               speed 12         38-38:30
                         break 30 sec
incline 0               speed 12         39-39:30
                          break 30 sec
 incline 0               speed 12          40-40:30
 incline 0               speed 3.0         40:30-42:00
 incline 0               speed 5.0         42-45
 incline 0               speed 7.2         45-48
 incline 0               speed 4            48-50
                    DONE!! Whew.. 
After that grueling..but yet pleasantly refreshing fun run.. I had just enough time to do a few back work outs
Lat pull downs 3 sets of 12 70lb last set with 80lb
Row machine 3 sets of 12 70 lb last set with 80lb
Bent over flies 3 sets of 12 with 10 lb 
(any ?'s about exercises be sure to message me and I will be happy to explain what exactly it is and correct technique that is important while doing the movement) :)

Here is an beginner treadmill workout: Also great for my pregnant peeps!! 

incline 0  speed 3         0-5 min
incline 1  speed 3.5      5-10 
incline 2  speed 3.7      10-15
incline 3  speed 3.7      15-20
incline 2  speed 4.5      20-25
incline 1  speed 5.0      25-30
incline 1  speed 4.0      30-35
Be sure to adjust according to your level, everyone is different, listen to your body and just do what it tells you.
Hope you all BLAST OFF at least once this week! Good Luck! 
REMEMBER:  "Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it the the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."  - John F. Kennedy

And just for laughs...

Anyone watch the VMA's were you as shocked as I was to see this...
and we can't forget about these...
Apparently, Lady GAGA is not a vegetarian.. 

Have a good night y'all! and Tomorrow I am planning on doing a special ab post.. ps. sorry, I didn't get to making my new recipe today. Time did not allow.. Its coming though. Also happy 2 months to my beautiful babies!! It's time for a body pic to check my progress.. so all that and more tomorrow!
loves! xoxo 

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  1. Candice, I totally love BOTH of your blogs, but this one has inspired me to start one of my own ( You are very inspirational and I especially love to read what you eat. I'm going to have to try the banana/almond butter! That looks fantastic! Anyway, keep up the great work. I really enjoy reading all your stuff!