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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its a casserole..

Hey, Everyone! Its finally Wednesday, I love the weather outside! It is absolutely perfect! I started this morning with a fight.. In BODY COMBAT, after I worked on Bi's and Tri's then headed home! I love morning workouts! Even if it means I wake up at 5AM but that way I don't have all day to think about it. When I got home Mr. B had taken care of the babies and they were all comfy and asleep! So I took the oppurtunity to enjoy my green monster and get showered then climbed back into bed..
1 scoop of vanilla whey
handful of spinach
1/2 banana
a little xanthan gum
almond milk
& ice

My belly got rumbly around 11:30am so I decided to enjoy my festive 5 egg white veggie scramble over a slice of eziekel toast..
eggs check.. spinach, purple onion, red and yellow peppers check.

Scramble, toast and enjoy!

Then I wanted something sweet and reached for a delicious peach! no pic but you can imagine.. right?!

 Dinner tonight... drum roll .... Its a Casserole! A delicious one at that!

Prepare it
Steam it

Got it..
Prepare as directed and add some greek yogurt to make it creamier..


Mix it all together add a little hummus and don't forget to sprinkle mozzarella cheese in the mix and then top it off. 
 Place tin foil on top and put it in the fridge till your ready to bake
350 degrees for 30 min. Last 5 min take tinfoil off to melt the cheese on top!
Thats it for now!
I got that delicious recipe from Janetha!
Meals & Moves! had to try it and The boy loved it!
again.. Im not a noodle person but the broccoli chicken and hummus flavor was SO good!


  1. Candice I love this blog! It really motivates me to want to lose weight! My baby is a year old and I am so far from the body I used to have! You are so awesome to already look so amazing and your babies are 2 months!

  2. Hey candice....first of all your blog has really inspired me. I love it...thank you and keep it up! Also i was on janetha's blog and could not find the recipe for this cassarole...can you point me in the right direction?