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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have my babies 2 month appointment coming up..{CRAZY.. } Which of course is going to consist of alot of tears probably..mainly from mom I'm guessing..
I hate getting shots..and I don't like watching them give my babies shots.. which you think I'd be okay with, because I worked in a dental office for 7 years.. and we gave local anesthetic to kids ALL day long. But there is something with it being your own kids that just makes your heart sink for them.
So I may just make daddy hold them..
But at the 2 month well check they will get the following:

  • Hep B
  • Polio
  • D-Tap
  • Hib

ugh.. really..?! And I have heard from other moms that the baby can get stuffy, fluish.., fussy, or feverish after. So I'm contemplating holding back and just doing a couple instead of all at once.
What to do?? I know they are made to protect my babies but its so hard to decide what to do.

Q. What did you do? Did you do them all at once? break them up?

Q. Who can really do this without completely losing it?!
I'm really not an emotional person, but when it comes to giving shots to my babies who can't even see it coming.. it sort of breaks my heart..


  1. Give them. And do it as the doctor suggests. From a nurse and from a mother...they are so important. There is nothing more heart breaking than admitting a kid to the hospital for an illness that could have been prevented with immunizations. The immunization that is the most known for its side effects is the MMR, which they won't recieve for a while. Most other shots should not cause them to be flush or feverish. Both of my kids did great with immunizations. They cry for a few while they are getting them, but if you keep on top of the Motrin (I like it much better than tylenol) every 4 hours, and give them a warm bath if it seems to be bothersome, it's worth it.

    One of our friends (who's husband just graduated from Medical school) held their son's shots and did the delayed route. She HATED it. Her son was constantly sick, and had to be hospitalized with Rotavirus. She just had another baby and said she would definitely NOT wait the next time. I'm a huge immunization supporter! Have Brent give them a blessing...and you too, if you need one! The Lord lets us hurt sometimes for our benefit...and sometimes we will have to do that with our kids!!

  2. Shots make me so sad too :( BUT I always gave McKenzie Tylenol about an hour before we went to the doc so that her pain was a lot less. McKenzie never actually had any "symptoms" after her shots either, so you may be lucky in that way too. If you hate shots, I'd say get as many done at once as possible because then you won't have to go thru the torment again later.

    Remember, getting shots is so you can prevent further pain from getting to your babies later. It would be so much harder on you to see them suffer from something that could have been prevented in the first place.

    I agree with Mindy, have Brent give them (and you) a blessing and you'll feel much better.

  3. I do the Tylenol thing before as well. I've always done the schedule the Dr's lay out for reasons Mindy has said. There are other "schedules" you can do I know a few Mom's who do that but the Dr told me that those schedules haven't been tested like the one they suggest and that you're better off following. I'm really laid back about it so I just do it. I hate seeing him cry and trust me it doesn't get better! HA Just remember soon they will only go like every 6 months and then every year! SO NICE!

  4. I do tylenol about a half hour before his appt. It is so much better for them to get there shots done earlier and on schedule. They are so little, they don't remember and are able to recover faster. Just think when they can crawl, walk, and move there little legs it will hurt them so much more. Also, the older they are, they are aware of what is going on. So I say better to stay on track and do them when they are born, 2 month, 4 month, 6 month, and a year. You will do just fine Candice. I swear it is harder on the mom then on the babies. Stay Strong!

  5. Oh and feed them right after they get there shots in the dr. office. It helps them to calm down right away and then fall asleep!

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  7. We split up Conner's shots (we split them up in just 2 days is all)because it was easy to do, since he was in the NICU, but otherwise, I would just do them together. We didn't have him get the Rota virus, but we have done all the other shots. He did great getting his 4 month shots, which we had to do late (he was 6 months)because of his heart surgery, etc, but we didn't need to give him any medicine. My ped said she thinks it's better not to give them medicine before because some kids do just fine, and then if they do, they didn't get extra medicine for no reason. I though I would totally cry, but I didn't, so you might be surprised! Good luck! :)

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    Love all the tips!