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Thursday, September 23, 2010

its going to be a long weekend!

K, so I had to get one more post in.. with the 5 minutes of free time that I have today:)

{Morning Workout}

check it..

45 min. run with sprints and about every quarter mile I'd jump off and do 10 burpees

Then it was time to pull push and drop..

I got this workout from GPP fitness WOD

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-3 reps per round of:
deadlifts 135/185
clapping pushups
It took my 23 minutes. kind of slow but I packed on the weight for dead lifts and pullups are crazy tough for me. The fact though.. I did it.
And if you ever have a chance to make it to GPP fitness. I promise you'll get a good work out in. Its killer. everyday.
check out my sexy calluses (sp?). Thank you dead lifts.. This proves my need to invest in some lifting gloves. yes?

Good calorie burner for the day.. now I'm off to race around my house and get stuff diggity done.. pack, laundry, load car, temple, make protein bars, stop by at my former job.. (for a surprise??) and back up to the reception and then take off for Vegas baby. oh and yes not to mention love the twins at the same time.. they really are my favorite thing ALL day long. Being a mom is the best.. yes?!
have a great weekend.. Ill be back Tuesday!


  1. I just was told about your site and love it! I get very tired reading about all you do, but it gives me a kick in the head to get up and work out. I love all your food ideas too! I don't know how easy it would be, but I'd love to have a fast way to see all your food ideas, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks....maybe on the side of your blog...not that you have any more time in your day it sounds like! I love your ideas for workouts at home too. right now i pretty much have no husband ever becasue he travels for weeks on end, so I have no way to leave my 4 year old and 16 month old and love to see different things I can do in my living room! Thanks again for taking the time to share your knowledge!!

  2. I was just re reading my post and laughed. "I get very tired reading about all you do" that sounded like I said I don't like reading about what you do, I meant I get exahsted reading about all you do in one day!! I had a question, I see that you put xantheum gum in a lot of your shakes etc, what is it and what does it do, and why do you put it in?