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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Whats the ONE thing that moms want post baby...besides sleep..  ABS!!! They have been spread and Split..
How do we get them back? or even get them at all? I get asked all the time the best way to get "a 6 pack." So here is what I know and the best tips I can give you.
So how do we go from this..

To This..?!

First off.. Lets Start off with the AB countdown..

#4  Is the number of muscle regions you need to train. From the deepest to the most superficial, your ab muscles overlap each other.. You got the transversus abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques and the rectus abdominis.. so Your not just training one muscle, You need to target 4!!

#3 is the number of fibrous bands that run horizontally across your rectus abdominis intersecting your linea alba, (which is the line going down the middle of your belly, not to be mistaken for linea nigra that shows up when your pregnant.) This linea alba is what actually creates the visual cuts of a 6 pack.

#2 The number of muscles on your sides.. aka internal and external obliques.

#1 The number of long sheets of muscle you have to train to get your 6 pack to pop.

2nd Lets review the #1 thing while training to achieve your pack.

Yes, I used the D word.. Now, ladies.. I'm not saying you HAVE to go on a diet to achieve your pack.. Its more of a Lifestyle change.
*DRINK WATER, and lots of it. Mothers breast feeding you are aware and already do this right?!
* Think clean eat clean.. what do I mean?.. NO fast food..High Protein, whole grains, healthy fats and lots of veggies
*CARDIO.. You have to do it.. power sprints.. are my fave
*Train your abs like you would any other muscle.. you don't have to work them everyday. You have to focus on each muscle.
 All 4 of them!! 
*Just doing crutches won't do the trick. Doing 1000 a day won't get you your desired results. 
*  You will stand taller and look leaner by training your abs from different angles
* keep your pelvis neutral.. by sucking those abs into your spine supporting the lower back through each rep.
* Maintain correct form throughout each exercise. You won't get the most out of the exercise if you slack.
* Breathe! exhale on the exertion, this contracts your abs and will protect your neck from doing the work
*Fast or Slow? I choose slow for most exercises.. because the slower you go the more control you have. I also like to just bust it out sometimes too. Just depends on the move!
*change up you ab routine

Now there are thousands of different ways to work out your abs.. Your core is what stabilizes the body, you use it everyday. Now you just have to think about it.
Here are my two favorite!
The Plank.. Yes, some of you do this all the time.. very functional, with so many options- basic as shown, rock it forward and back, and reach up side to side.. Try placing a weight plate on your back. KILLER!

Hanging leg raise! difficult yes.. worth it, of course. Really focus on not swinging your legs & Keep your body as still as possible. Isolating those abs!  this can also be done by just tucking your legs up into your chest and by going side to side working those obliques.

So.. I hope this helps.. & new moms dont get so anxious by doing abs right away.. you can build muscle on top of that pooch so wait until your uterus is completely back to normal and maybe another 2 weeks after that. Best to be safe then sorry right!?

So all this ab talk made me realize its time for a treat.. bwahaha.. 
Red Mango
yes, please

We had a family outing tonight... cause I was craving key lime pie.. organic granola & kiwi.. Mr. B & I shared :)
ABsolutely delish
*ps.. red mango is so healthy, it contains probiotics to keep your eyes, mind and body in check! & for my lactose intolerance friends its a go
No its not just another frozen yogurt.. its the original. 
..You deserve it..

Q. Share your favorite Ab exercise?

Q. What is your favorite Red Mango Flava?