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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toddler Tabata

While I was in Vegas last weekend, I still wanted to make sure to get moving each day. The very last day, I spent the morning packing and getting things ready to go but I knew we had a long day ahead of us and I was craving a good workout to get me going.


I decided to take a quick break and do a quick tabata workout. Bee was downstairs “helping” me, and so I figured we could workout together! No excuses for this momma!

A tabata is a form of “high-intensity training.” To do a tabata, simply pick 4 different movements, they can be anything you want!  Just set up a timer for 30 seconds of work with a 10 second rest, do 8 rounds of each movement before moving on to the next. (There are other variations of a tabata, this is just one of my favorites.) During the 30 seconds of work you push yourself to complete as many reps as possible of that movement.

Here is my version of the toddler tabata.

Toddler Tabata

  • Squats (which I didn’t do to low to protect my injury)
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Jump-rope

I had the Mr. take some pics today to show how to do the movements with a toddler!

Squats- I set the timer and told Bee to squat, She did the first 2 rounds all by herself then decided she wanted me to hold her. I put her up on my shoulders and finished the rounds with her 23lbs up top!


Sit-ups were next! I put Bee on my knees, so she was sitting/standing on my feet. This actually turned into a fun game of peek-a-boo. Every time I sat up I would say BOO! She thought it was pretty funny!


Push-ups- These were probably the toughest! Because Bee laid on my back and held on to my neck. I was able to complete 29+ pushups each round!


Jump-rope- this was probably Bees favorite part of the workout! My little girl has got some hops! I would count down during the rest, 3-2-1 GO! She loves to jump!


It was a quick workout, but it got the job done! I worked up a sweat and felt like I got a good workout in a short amount of time! I was able to get my workout in on a vacation, a busy day, and with a busy baby.

This mom has no excuses.

Question of the Day:

If you put together a tabata what movements would you include?

If your interested, here are some of my favorites!

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Tabata Supersets (Long)

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  1. Toddler cute!! I loooove tabata workouts!! Great compliment to running! Thanks for the links! :)

  2. And the great thing is that you get stronger as your kids get heavier. Next I think she should try it with both kids.