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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Give it a try.

Late night blogging. Seems to be the trend lately…

I am going to admit, I have not been very good at a few things lately.

1. Going to bed at a decent hour.

2. Getting ready.

3. Eating actual meals from a plate.


I guess I did once.. but it was a kid plate. I’m counting it.


4.Taking pictures of my meals- (Probably because of #2).

5. My June Challenges

1. Instagram photo of the day challenge.. I do some but not all.

2. Running streak- The quad put a hanker in that one.

Things I have been doing good at.

1. Drinking water.

2. Stretching, Rolling, and Icing my quad. (Which is still bothering me.)

3.Getting my workouts done in the AM.

4. Eating fruits and veggies.


Here are a few things I probably will NEVER be good at.

1. Resting injuries. Yes, I still workout when I am injured, but not with 100% effort, especially if there is any jumping, squatting or running. I’m getting better at listening to my body but I don’t like to agree with it sometimes.

2. Listening to voicemails and returning phone calls. I kind of hate talking on my phone. Especially right now because I shattered my screen again and the sensor is broke so I put people on hold or hang up at least 3 times during the conversation.

3. Keeping my amazing white linoleum floor clean. – Take today for example.


That would be protein powder.

It is obviously the new sandbox. Not a very cheap one, at that.

You can’t win them all. But here is something I will always remember.


Lets give ourselves a little credit each day for the small things. I’m sure we each deserve it.

Before I sign off tonight, I want to give a big shout out to my beautiful cousin and her brand new babe.


He is perfect. Nothing beats that new baby smell! Congrats to them!

Question of the day

What is one thing you have been rocking at lately?

What is one thing you could improve on?


  1. I know what you mean, I am not good at injuries either! Wishing you a speedy recovery my friend!! :-)

  2. I've been rocking at going on mountain bike rides lately, and I probably could improve on training for this Ragnar race this weekend. Whoops.

  3. I can see the frustration in your eyes when you are trying to workout through your injury. Do you see the frustration in MY eyes when you are trying to workout through your injury? :)