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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to the Barbell

This morning Brent went downstairs to workout and noticed the carpet was wet. He opened up our closet where are water heaters were and water was gushing out from the bottom of them..


Both of our water heaters broke! Brent called the “professionals” to get it taken care of ASAP. They showed up and gave Brent the bid to fix it.

This was not something you ever really want to pay for.. kind of like T.P or oil changes, but worse.

The technician left and came back to replace it. After 4 hours we had a bigger, brand new water heater!


I was very displeased with the service. The technician left several dents and a large hole in my wall, along with a big carpet stain.. ugh. We took pictures and called and complained to the company. For the price we paid, we expected a little professionalism on their part. We are hoping they step up and fix all that they damaged and do the right thing.

This morning I headed to GPP for this workout.


I used lighter weight and was a little over a minute slower then last time. Oh well, you can’t expect a new PR everyday. It just gives me something to work for again.


I came home and made a quick recovery shake for breakfast


A few weeks ago, I started teaching a teens class at GPP and these kids are inspiring to say the least. They work hard and I have not heard one complaint. They pretty much rock. They are pretty crafty with their water bottles after class to.


I’m glad they love GPP as much as I do.Winking smile

For lunch I wanted something quick and I didn’t have any water at the time due to that whole water heater replacement thing so I went for some tilapia and asparagus. I’m sure the tech downstairs thought I was crazy.. because I kind of forgot he was down there and busted out singing along to my Justin Bieber Pandora station… Boyfriend.. Embarrassing no?


Tonight, I taught Body Pump for the first time in a few weeks! Wow. I taught most of the new release, #82. I am loving all the functional movements they have thrown into some of the tracks such as jump squats, push-press and lots of pushups!

Afterwards, my friend Melissa and I decided to catch up while chatting away on the treadmill. My quad is still not up for running and the squats and lunge tracks in pump seemed to bug it so we just walked at a 15% incline at 4.0 speed for 30 minutes and switched over to the stair climber for about 15 minutes. Time flew by and it was fun to have Melissa there to keep me going. Thanks Melissa!

For dinner, Brent had grilled some chicken while I was gone but I was really wanting eggs for some reason so I had both.


I chopped up some chicken and poached two eggs with spinach and put them on top of some green beans. I topped it off with some tomatoes and some Walden farms honey mustard dressing.


Good stuff.

Time to relax for the rest of the night before hitting the sack.

Question of the day?

Fill in the Blank

I hate having to pay for ________.

I love________ on my salad.


  1. I hate paying for parking! I love any kind of berry or pear on my salads.

  2. Fun fill in the blank! Ha I will play.

    I hate having to pay for insurance (seriously! never use it!)
    I love hummus on my salad.

  3. Thanks for the workout! I had so much fun and that cardio flew by! I'm still so sorry about the crappy water heater experience. gross! I hate paying for college (good thing I graduated!) I love peppers on my salad.

  4. ohhhhh nooooooo. Glad it got fixed- what a pain! I haven't learned 82 yet...we're slow to launch during the summer- 2 weeks to go! I am going to look at it this weekend.

  5. I hate paying for foolishness (luggage fees, sign up fees, initiation fees).

    Salads would be better without all that lettuce.