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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Injury & Fro-yo

The past few days has been a little hectic in our household. Bee got a lovely rash from somewhere and has been a pretty happy girl considering the red itchy skin that took over the majority of her limbs. The nights have been a circus! Which is not very common, Bee and T are usually great sleepers! But since our trip both babies have been waking up at different times throughout the night and both Brent and I are just plain exhausted.  I think they are either growing or their pre-molars may be erupting. Who knows? But I’m hoping they get back on their sleep schedule soon!!

I also am having some pain with my right quad. It flared up after my awesome trail run. During that run I almost took a fall while running down the trail and caught myself with my right leg but when I did that I must of strained it. Eff. After the GPP workout on Thursday I could barely walk after, and same with Friday. I took Friday night off of teaching and went for a walk with the dog and kiddos. Saturday, I  taught Body Pump feeling  okay (No lunges and only half squats with light weight). After Body Pump, I decided to go on a nice flat, slow run to test it out. Every step hurt. I should of stopped right when I started but I was hoping/praying it would work itself out as I got moving. At mile 2, I stopped to tie my shoe and when I stood to run again it hit me like a knife to the quad. I sat down and gave it a quick rub and punch to the gut and decided it was time to head home. I didn’t have my phone with me so I had to trek it back. I was able to run back but it wasn’t pretty. Injuries are SO frustrating to me.  I was just feeling almost 100% with my hip and was gaining back mileage after the marathon. Now my hip is hurting again, along with my quad. 

Crash & burn-Live & learn.

Sigh. Vent Over.

Hand over some chocolate chia pudding and call it a day.


Recipe coming. Its really simple, I just can’t figure out my measurements… it was a eye this and that day.

I have a Ragnar race this weekend and I am now super nervous for it. I have a massage scheduled Tuesday to help work it out and I plan on resting and icing it for the most part. I have to teach a couple times this week also, so we will see where I am at come Friday.

We spent the majority of the weekend hanging out at home. We were quarantining Bee from other kids, just incase her rash was contagious. We went to the Doctor and he wasn’t 100% sure what it was gave us a few possibilities and told us it should clear it self up in a few days and sent us on our way. SO glad I drove 30 minutes, paid my not so cheap co-pay, to just get sent home 5 minutes later with that note. (Insert sarcasm here) Lesson learned. Heck, I was just as good off googling it.


Poor babe, It didn’t seem to really bother her and its already starting to look better! (I’m wondering if it was my laundry detergent switch?) But she did have a slight fever for a day, so it throws off my guess.

After Brent and I got our runs done on Saturday (Side note: Brent ran his longest distance to date 6.25 miles! He is addicted but has yet to admit it…)

I had a quick drippy egg salad with some of the most sour grapefruit I have ever tasted. I ate it anyway.


I roasted some peppers and sweet tomatoes in a little olive olive oil before adding 3 egg whites along with 1 whole egg. When the egg white turns white pour about 1/2 cup of water in the pan and covered it with a lid for about 5 minutes. You have to watch it and be careful not to cook the yolk!

You have got to get the drip!


Then we decided to take the babies to the Zoo again! They absolutely love it, so we decided to just get annual passes so we can go often. Did I take one picture? Nope. We were only there for about an hour before deciding walking around the zoo wasn’t to smart of an idea with my quad.

We came home had a quick fish dinner


and hung out outside on the front lawn to let Tikka get some her cooped up puppy energy out. Then settled down with a little Orange leaf run and a movie.


Sometimes girls just need some fro-yo. Orange leaf is good fro-yo, but it doesn’t over power my red mango. We just need one closer to us. And yes, we took the twins in their PJ’s. But Bee accessorized with her pearls. My girl has glam.


The boys just need chocolate.

Hope your having a great Sunday!

I’m spending the day organizing/cleaning, then we may go for a little jeep ride!


  1. We are getting a Red Mango in Bountiful! And you might just be related to the owner...

  2. That egg stuff looks SO DANG GOOD! LOVE.

    Sorry about that leg. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. So I have heard...;) We better be having mandatory FHE there.. haha!

  4. Love your blog Candice! So, I can totally relate on the injury. I've been rolling out my left knee, taking my alleve, and trying to stretch it out. HURTS so bad anytime I try to run. I signed Reily (the hub) and I up for the Timp Half Marathon in July and am somewhat discouraged because of this awesome left IT band stuff going on. We paid a hefty copay and more just for the doc to say, "don't run for 2 weeks, roll it out." Wow. Nice huh? And the fro-yo thing? Craved it so badly on Saturday so we hit it up. I'll have to try REd Mango. Anyways, we started at GPP, love it. I went to one of the early classes on Thursday and saw you but didn't have time to say hi cause I had work. But anyways, hope all is well with your cute kiddos too! . Keep rockin the blog!

  5. Dang, woman, sorry about all the injury and itching. Fro yo and runny eggs do help make things better, though :)

  6. Am I addicted to running? I did run 6.25 miles but addicted?.. I don't know, but running with an electronic device (aka GPS) strapped to my wrist sure does make it more enjoyable.

  7. Hey Candice! I was the random that talked to you at GPP tonight about your injury. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I just wanted to let you know how inspiring you are to me. I'm so sorry, you are in pain right now. I will be sending you thoughts, prayers, good vibes and whatever else you need, to you can feel up to running the Ragnar this weekend. Hang in there! Thinking of you!