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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Salad in a Jar

Hey guys! Happy 6.6.12!!!

6+6=12 Cool, right? I’m a little obsessive about numbers and get a kick out of dates like today! I know this chick does to.

I started my day at GPP with the side slayer workout! It targets the oblique's from every angle  and I’m already feeling’ it! If your looking for a little extra inspiration to get your workout in check out the comments in todays post on the GPP site! I LOVE everything about the GPP community.

Today was also National Running Day!! Did you celebrate? I did!


I did my first trail run of the year. There is a trail in bountiful in Mueller Park canyon that goes up to Elephant rock. Which is more like a huge boulder, that I guess looks like an elephant? I don’t see it, but that’s just what the folks around here call it.

Brent biked the trail earlier today, so when he got home I was itching to go run it. I sent out a mass text to a few friends and got two friends, Stacy & Melissa to join in on the fun.

I forget how much I LOVE trail running. As close as this trail is to home, I get that feeling like I’m in the middle of the forest, far, far away from civilization. The smell of pine is refreshing and crossing bridges, running along rivers are refreshing in so many ways. The trail is about 7 miles round trip. It is a good climb up, and when you reach the top there is an amazing view.


I didn’t bring my camera/iPhone with me but luckily Stacy had hers, so we were able to snap this pic but it does no justice for the view or my hair... I’m going to make this a weekly run, so I’ll be sure to snap better pics.. next time.

On my way home, I noticed one of my brothers was playing a game on the baseball field so I stopped by right on time to see him up to bat and get a run for his team! What a rock star!


Today, okay, last night while I was trying to fall asleep I was thinking of ways I could bring my salad on the go. This summer is going to be busy and we are going to be out and about a lot. I figured I could put it in a Tupperware but then my lettuce would get all soggy with the dressing. Then I thought, “what if I put it in a JAR?”. Put the dressing in the bottom, veggies (that don’t get soggy easy) lettuce, spinach, sliced almonds, chicken, tomatoes, peppers, anything really. Then when I am ready to eat, you can just shake it and eat it.


Awesome right? I’m excited to try different versions of salad jars. Strawberry walnut, chicken Caesar, Taco? The options are endless.

Question of the day

What would you put in your salad jar?

Did you celebrate national running day? If so, where and how was it?


  1. Crap. If I'd have known that today was running day...I might have done serious harm to myself or someone who is not myself, mostly because I hate pain which is why I don't really run, much.

    Love you for bringing me that salad. I was so pumped to eat it. Then I stupidly forgot to eat it. Luckily, It's in the fridge and now I have lunch for tomorrow and most of my CCC veggies for the day! BooYah!

  2. Glad you had a great trail run. Looks beautiful:) I did speedwork on the treadmill. Not quite as pretty, but got the job done:)

  3. This was a way fun run! We need to do it more often. PS salad in a jar idea -- PURE GENIUS!

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  5. I have a pin on pinterest about salad in a jar. I'll have to remember that. nothing worse than soggy salad!!

  6. call me next time--i would love to trail run :)

  7. Do you remember when McDonalds had salads that were advertised as shake and serve? Those were so convenient if you couldn't sit down and needed to take it to go. It's the only thing I've ever eaten from McDonalds, granted I was still in Jr. High but love that you brought this idea back. I'll have to use it more often!

  8. I saw this idea on Pinterest! I thought about doing it but in all honesty, I'd have to find a big enough jar for my salads haha :P That being said, I think it's a great idea because after a simple shake everything is all mixed up!

    P.S. MelissaJoy [above] I totes remember those salad shakers at McD's! I don't remember having one myself but I did purchase a plastic shaker that's similar to the idea to make my own salads at home...

    1. really!? Yes, normal jars are FAR to small! I used the largest I had!

    2. And it was perfect. I ate it all a day later and man it was good. Actually as soon as I pulled it out amy, karen, and etc dove in and ate it with me.

      It was even a day old. Not soggy.

  9. I celebrated national running day by going on a bike ride. And in my salad shaker I'd probably put bacon in it.

  10. My Salad (in a jar) ingredients: Grape tomatoes would have to be right over the layer of dressing (to sort of elevate the ingredients enough to keep it off the dressing) then some shredded lettuce, shredded cheese over that, minced onions over that a pickle diced, (substitue a diced cuke) and that's about it. Sounds like a wonderful salad to me. I also thought about adding some diced skinless, boneless chicken breast and some croutons also. I love me some salad!