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Monday, June 25, 2012

Campfire Dinner

So last night after I signed off I headed outside to join the fam for a little dinner. When I walked out, it was quite the sight to see.


Dinner over the fire is always the best. We had the following options and passed the sticks around, Family style.

  • Brown Trout
  • S’mores
  • Filet Mignon
  • Hot Dogs
  • Starburst.

Would you like meat and sugar for dinner?


Why not.


I had some of the smoked trout, My dad seasoned it with lemon pepper and it was SO good.


For dessert I went for a roasted starburst! Have you ever tried this? You should! I love the morph starburst, cherry –> cherry lime--- ROASTED! It gives it a sugary crunch coat with warm gooey filling in the middle. Drooool.


There is something about hanging out around the fire that just brings family together, and I love it.


This morning we had a quick breakfast, I popped two waffles into the toaster and ate them right as they popped up while chatting away with my sister. I was still hungry so I popped down one more and made a egg puff with 2/3 C. of Egg Whites with some spinach and tossed it on top of the waffle.


Egg Sandwich anyone?


Now that’s my kind of McMuffin! If I hadn’t of inhaled the two straight from the toaster and ate Bee’s while that one was in the toaster I would have had another. 4 waffles? NBD. Seriously. These waffles are packed with protein and low carb with the perfect amount of healthy fat.

 We Brent packed everything up and we headed home from the ranch so he could get into the office and do a little of that work thang.

We had a great weekend with my family I wasn’t ready to go home yet!


If I wasn’t such a city girl, I could live here. Freals.But only in the summer. Winters are brutal….

The ride down was pretty rough with the twinners but we must have wore them out because they slept the majority of the way home!


Aw.. Sleeping babes are so precious!

Road trip snacks are essential. Right before we left I checked out the fridge and pulled out some produce that had to go.


Cucumber and strawberries! Something sweet and something crunchy! I’m loving strawberries right now! The ride home is about 3 1/2 hours so these held me off just in time to get home.

Our house was 94 degrees inside! Oy. I remembered I had some coconut popsicles in the freezer and hoped it would cool me down a bit!



It was so good! 

Brent and I headed to GPP to tackle the workout.

If you want to add a little challenge to a burpee, try a double pumper! Phew!

Last time I did this workout, I finished it in 23:31RX and today I did it in 22:58 RX! Whoop! A new PR.

I love a good sweat fest after a long vaca weekend week! I went beast mode on this sucker because it’s the only way I can get back into a gym mindset after a pretty relaxed weekend.

Question of the day:

What is on your campfire menu?

What is your trick to getting back to the gym after a long vacation?


  1. Nice job on the PR! And whaaaat! I NEED A CAMPFIRE IN MY YARD.

  2. Never tried roasted Starburst. Seriously, it is the first time I've ever heard of it. Ever. Almost built a fire tonight to try.