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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lake Mead 2012

After Ragnar, My little family flew to Las Vegas to meet up with Brents family to spend a little time on the lake. Lake Mead has become a yearly trip for the family and we always look forward to soaking up some sun and spending some quality time with family members that we haven’t seen since Christmas!
We spent the past 3 days on the lake or in the pool. Vegas is HOT right now, like blow-dryer to the face hot. I couldn’t be outside longer then 5 minutes without having to get in the water to cool off.
It was the first time that T and Bee actually tolerated swimming. They have been a little nervous about water lately, I think watching all their cousins jumping, splashing and swimming wore off on them, because after the first day, I couldn’t keep them out of the water!
We consumed quite a few protein smoothies to get us through each day. They hit the spot after coming in from a LONG, hot afternoon outside.
There was a small casualty ..
I left my phone on the top of the car while I was strapping in Bee in and we drove off.. I didn’t notice for about 15 minutes and we had to drive back to find it.. like that. Sad smile I need some sort of Candice proof case. It wasn’t the only phone to break this weekend.. it seemed to of been the trend.. 3 others were either dropped and shattered or accidently went swimming.. Surprisingly, mine still works! Kind of…
We celebrated this little guys birthday!
He turned 5 and his parents decorated and set up lunch for all of us!
The spread included, Burgers, hot dogs, marinated Tongan chicken---;which was amazing, coleslaw, potato salad and of course a veggie tray.
We spent two days wakeboarding at Lake Mead. I love being out on the lake, it feels great to carve and jump through the water! We didn’t have the best water due to high winds and I didn’t stay out to long because of my injured quad. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity though..
We had a great time, but it feels good to be home!
Catch ya’ later!
Good Night!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip (minus the phone casualty ;)). The last pictures is fantastic

  2. I just got back from Vegas yesterday. I passed a sign for Lake Mead on my way to my hotel and thought it sounded like a fun place to go:) Glad you had such a fun time.

  3. Love the first picture, you look sooo tough... And I can't believe how hot the Vegas area is, don't know if I could survive though. Definitely fun to visit though.