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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Training for a Marathon

Sorry for no post yesterday, life has been a bit crazy and also sort of boring in the sort of nothing bloggable bloggy way. (possible?)
Breakfast this morning was rather fantastic.
Muffin love.
Happy Leap year! Any Birthdays out there? I thought about it, and if my birthday was on leap year, I would only be 6! How old would you be?
Its Wednesday, and I have yet to wash my hair. Well, I did swim yesterday, so that totally counts right? Oh, wait.. that was Monday..oops.   I promised the hubster I would commit to washing my hair and possibly shaving my legs tonight. But its already 10 pm so I may of crossed my fingers in that whole “shave my legs” sentence. If you ever need advice or tips on showering from the neck down, I would be happy to help you out.
Training for a marathon
Marathon day is coming up quickly. When I first started “training” for this marathon I had it in my head that I just had to RUN. Long runs, short runs, tempos, speed training etc. I tried to fit in a run everyday. Sometimes it didn’t happen, due to time, energy, weather etc. I didn’t really have a actual plan. My plan was just to do what I can and wing it. It wasn’t until I talked to my trainer Liz, explained my goals to her, my other commitments and all that other jazz I have going on in my life that she has to listen to.
She put it out there that my goal could be achievable. She designed my plan for me and my schedule and I have been sticking to my training plan for the most part.
Marathon training doesn’t and shouldn’t be all about “just running”. Cross training is helpful and even helps to improve your running. Your speed, pace, even distance with minimal mileage. I am training and teaching throughout the week, finding time to get it all in was a tough balance. This requires multiple workouts throughout the day. I don’t want it to take away from my husband, or my babies so I sacrifice my sleep.
How could you not want to play trains with these two ALL day?!
I wake up early and get it done. I will get everything out the night before that I will need and put my clothes in the bathroom and pack my gym bag with snacks, towels, fully charged Garmin. Etc. That way when my alarm goes off I know where everything is and I don’t have to use my iPhone flashlight digging around my bedroom looking for a matching sock.
Long runs (usually Saturdays) I LOVE Clif Shot bloks.
I am a big advocate of fueling how you will fuel on race day. Use your training time to decide what works best for you! I even like to use little raisin boxes or starburst.
However, I will cut out fiber a few days before the race in hopes to avoid potty problems, I drink a coconut water and eat a banana the morning of a race.

In/on my race belt:
Chapstick, Shot bloks, gum, water, and coconut water.

Make sure you have a plan!
Especially if it is your first race. You do not want to go into a race unprepared. Find a training plan that works for you and stick to it. Post it on your fridge and make yourself accountable. 

Running is not easy for me all the time. I definitely do better when I meet up with friends to do so in a group. Especially in the mornings. I rely on the accountability mostly, but when I can’t make it and have to do it on my own it can be a mental fight some days. Its funny, but you can actually see on my Garmin there will be circles sometimes. I will run back and forth, fighting myself mentally to just run. My brain will come up with any excuse. Most days, I love to run and it’s no problemo to get it done but I haven’t ever actually regretted a run. Ever. You?
Q. What is your race day essentials?
Q. How do you motivate yourself to run on those days you just don’t want to?

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  1. I didn't know you were doing the Ogden Marathon! I'm so excited 'cause I am too!!! Yay!!! I'm nervous, but super excited. I don't really have too many race day essentials. That's a good idea to cut out fiber a few days before the race though. I think I will try that. For energy during a race, I'll probably just put a couple of Powerbar Energy Gels in my waist pack. I'm not a big fan of gels, but these ones go down really easy.