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Monday, February 27, 2012

Breakfast in the Pot.

Workout: 3 easy miles, 1 hr. swim, GPP

Happy MONDAY! This morning started early. Mainly, thanks to B who again woke up WAY to early. Not to sure why she keeps waking up, (must be teething?) 4 am was just a little to early, by the time I got her back in her own crib it was 5:20 and my alarm was due to go off in 10 minutes. I thought about just staying up and getting an early start but that lasted about 2.2 seconds before I closed my eyes and figure I would take advantage of a nice little “power nap.”

I met with the girls for a quick 3 mile run, nice and easy. Then hit the pool for a hour workout. Provided by my trainer, Liz Bennett. If you are in need of a training plan for an upcoming race, that is made for you and your lifestyle, Liz is your girl. She can work with you via email, phone, etc. To make a plan just for you and hold you accountable for getting those workouts done. She is a two-time Ironman, amazing endurance athlete, knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition and fitness. Not to mention, and amazing wife and mother. I completely idol her in all that she does and I couldn’t recommend a better person to help you achieve your goals.

You can find more info and contact her through here.

The run was cold, and by the time I got home with my wet head I was wanting a warm breakfast. After a quick preparation I did last night, breakfast was hot and waiting for me!


I got the idea for crockpot oats from our outsiders weekend a few weeks ago.

Crockpot Oats



  • 4 Cups water
  • 1 Cup Steel Cut Oats


  1. Combine Oats and water in crockpot
  2. Turn on “low” and let cook overnight
  3. Add you own toppings/ mix-ins and enjoy!

I made myself a bowl with 1/3 C. Oats with a 1/2 a scoop of vanilla protein, blueberries and chia seeds along with a recovery shake.



I though one cup of oats wouldn’t be enough for my little family so I doubled it. Now, I will be having oats for the rest of the week.. FYI-- It EXPANDS..I loved the little prep it involved and there is nothing more comforting and filling then oats in the morning!

The twins new favorite place to play is in the pantry. After cleaning up several disasters multiple times a day.. every day, I decided it was time to get smart.


Now, I have been warned this won’t last long.. but I had a good laugh to myself as they tried and tried to open the door. I hope they never really figure it out because I only swept my kitchen floor once today..

Have a good night!! And if you don’t want to make breakfast in the morning… make it tonight!


  1. Crock pot oats sound like a great idea! I would have no clue of how much to make though since I usually make 1/3- 1/2 cup for myself on the stove... Was the 4:1 water to oats ratio good? I prefer my oats a little thicker...

  2. I made this for breakfast this morning. It was delicious and ready when I got up! I threw in vanilla protein, chia, blueberries and a spoonfull of greek yogurt. Thanks for the great recipes.
    I used Bob's Gluten Free, Organic, Steel Cut Oats. My first time trying them, and I'm in love.