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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wedding Sickness Curse

I have a story for you guys today,

On my wedding day 4 years ago, I actually got super sick the night before my wedding. I ‘m not sure whether if it was just nerves or if I had really caught a nasty bug. I was up most of the night before my wedding and when I finally got up to get ready, I had a fever, my throat was swollen, body aches and my ears hurt when I swallowed. I took some meds and called it good and I made it though the entire day. Although, I didn’t feel the greatest I must say that it was the best day of my life.

Fast-forward 4 years later.. Its our anniversary and I feel like crap again.. the curse of the wedding sickness hit again. Pretty sure, its just a nasty bug this time. When Brent got home to go out to celebrate, I just felt like I should climb into bed and sleep this sickness away. My sister was there to watch the babies and I reeeeaaaallly wanted to go out. I took some fever reducer and off we went!

We decided to eat at trio!



Brent ordered the trio flatbread as a starter it came with 3 different dips- olive tapenade, basil pesto, white bean puree.


For our entrees Brent went with the three cheese ravioli.


I must say the butternut sauce on this was soooo good!! It had a mild sweet taste to it that I could probably drink a gallon of. I stole a few swipes of it with a slice of my grilled chicken.

I went with the lemon chicken salad and added a seared salmon- note: the waiter asked me twice if I was sure I wanted to add the salmon.. Girl needs to get her protein! No but really, Brent’s entrée didn’t come with meat so I was going to share…( a little.)


My salad came with romaine lettuce, caper berries, celery and lemon vinaigrette dressing. (I always get my dressing on the side.)

The caper berries were a delicious addition to this salad! They add a little spice to it. Brent referred to them as a meaty olive.


We enjoyed each others time talking about our future and things we want to do, things we could do better etc. etc.

After browsing through their dessert menu we decided that what we both were craving was really just 5 minutes way.


Red Mango!! It was perfect for my throat, and its proven that fro-yo always makes me feel better. I got the new white peach flavor and it is now my new favorite flavor!

After we finished dessert we headed back home, after a quick stop to pick up a movie. We rented “Water with Elephants” (You know, that book that I never got around to reading) I really liked the movie and stayed awake for the whole thing which doesn’t happen very often!


Reese Witherspoon is my all time favorite actress! And Robert Pattersin is not to shabby, but did it throw anyone else off that his name was Jacob in this movie?? I really just was thinking Edward the whole time.

Now, that I have watched the movie I kind of want to read the book.

Those of you that have read it, would you recommend I read the book also?

Have a great day!


  1. I loved the movie, didn't love the book so much. It had a lot of unnecessary crude stuff in it. I won't even lend it out, that's how bad it was. There are so many good books out there I'd say skip this one!

  2. I haven't seen the movie, but I'd say the book is rated R. Don't bother!