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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Really, I love you.

I think this can go down in the books for the longest blog hiatus to date. After I got sick last week, I took it easy over the weekend. Now, I’m back baby!

This morning included a sugar coma detox run. I ran with my girls, we really should take a group photo one morning.. I know they would love me even more if I made them pose and smile at 5 am..


ps. I didn’t take a pic of my Garmin obviously until 9:27am.

We completed a little over 5 miles, with 1 mile combing the streets for my missing glove.. We found it!

The run felt a bit slow and my stomach wasn’t feeling 100% I blame all the sugar from yesterday. When we were done it felt great, and I was glad I rolled out of bed so early. You never regret a good workout, right?!

For breakfast I had a half banana before the run and came home to make a recovery drink and some eggs and veggies.



Valentines day was a busy and fun day for us!

  • I got my workout in,
  • Babies had their 18 month appt.. In which they received their immunizations. They did surprisingly well for them, a few tears were shed but the nurse had popsicles on hand so they calmed down quickly, but to measure and weigh them was by far the most ridiculous thing ever. Sweet nurses..
  • Got some treats made for family and friends!



Hubby surprised me with flowers and this chocolate box with our family picture on it! I love him.





A box of chocolates.. made out of chocolate? YES.


I gave Brent some fun conversation hearts along with some hair gel, picture frame for his desk at work and those heart cards all had one reason why I love him. Mushy gushy and some were just funny. The twins got a stuffed pup, that they snuggled and loved all day. Along with some cupcake love.



B finished hers in record time! Girl, has a sweet tooth.

Overall, it was a great day! Be back later with a fun treadmill workout!

Have a great day!


  1. Glad you're feeling better! There is a group of Moms that run early in my AM. I plan to join them one of these days. Box of chocolate made out of chocolate? Whatttttt. And that pic on top is so cute.

  2. I've been hitting the road at 5AM lately (not daily....but hey) and Man I agree with you....feels good after the work out, but it's freaking early!! I find it amazing that you do multiple work outs a day. I did my Runs and then work out DVDs all last week and I feel like I'm still trying to catch up on rest. I'm tired!! Way to be AMAZING!!

  3. I got the edible box of chocolate with edible picture on top from . It's our friends business and they do a great job.

  4. The edible chocolate box with y'alls picture on it is adorable! Hope you had a love-filled VDay :D