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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend flew by! Lets start from the top.

Friday- Taught early morning attack/pump. Then I was off to my last day of work at the dental office. I have been working at this dental office for the past 8 years! Its something I absolutely love and enjoyed doing. I worked 40 hours a week until I had the babies and then I dropped to just one day a week, which were Fridays and we were only open for 4 hours. Going big here folks. Could I even consider that part time? Anyway, saying goodbye was actually harder then I thought. My sister works there as well and brought me flowers and some cheesecake for everyone to share.


I spent the rest of day trying to organize my piles, that are laying around the house and put a dent in laundry. Then my sister came over and we watched YouTube clips of the unedited bachelor chicks. HILARIOUS. We are stoked for tomorrow.

Saturday- Ran 13.15—>yes. I’m giving myself .15 credit. Taught Body Pump 20 minutes after. That was a new feat.—Post workout, I came home quick to get ready and head out with the babes to my bf’s baby shower. She is having a girl and I am so excited for her to be a mommy!

There was fondue! Marshmallows, pretzels, cinnamon bears, pineapple and strawberries all to dip into the chocolate fountain. YUM! I am now wanting a fondue fountain constructed permanently in my kitchen.


Miss Bee was all about it. Her favorite was the pretzels with a bit of chocolate on it.


Tanner however was a bit shy being surrounded by so many girls.


Such a mommas boy.


My friend is the one digging into the gifts. She looks amazing and I can’t wait to meet her little babe.

Then I came back home and played with my new apple slicer.


I have been wanting one of these forever! Whenever I see one to buy, Ill pick it up and take one look at the price tag and have that mental fight in my head.. $50.00?! no.. yes.. no.. that could buy me new shoes.. And never get it. I found a deal on and picked this beauty up for $12.99! Steal. Sold. No decent pair of shoes cost $12.

I went to the store to pick up some apples- TWICE this weekend. I’m obsessed.




It is by far the funnest way to eat an apple. The babies even love it!

Sunday- Rest day. I’m sore.. like hurt to walk down my stairs sore. I haven’t felt this in awhile. After some icing this morning I feel better.

Honestly, I do have a whole list of to-dos to tackle on Sundays but today I put it all on hold. We had a complete relaxing morning and then we family party hopped till now.

We celebrated my sister in-laws birthday today! Happy Birthday Charla!


Pretty sure I got her the best gift ever.



A cake pop maker and or… mini donuts. How fun! She always is throwing super cute parties, showers etc. and I hope this can come in handy for some fun treats!

Here are a few more pics from the evening.



It was a great day! I think I’ll go eat a apple.

Good night!

Q. Favorite kitchen appliance?

I have two. -–> Blender, and apple peeler

Q. Have you ever had a cake pop?

Not from the maker, only the kind you mix with frosting and dip yourself! I want to try and make a healthier pop.


  1. Holy goodness! Your Saturday workout was insane! You go girl! Chocolate fountains are amazing. I love my stand mixer! AndI have not had a cake pop- mostly becaue Im not a huge cake fan

  2. My most favorite .... blendtec and my vegtable chopper.