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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today we woke up to snow. I pulled out the sweaters, jeans, scarfs and gloves. I don’t know if I can honestly say I’m excited.. Its snow. Cold. Cold. snow. All my runs will most likely become indoor on the treadmill.. tis the season.
GPP workout involved one of my favorite Olympic movements!
The clean and Jerk! I PR'd today topping out at 115. I couldn’t do 5 in a row without taking a break but I got that sucker over my head 5 times so that’s good in my bookWinking smile
I taught Body Pump and ran a quick 3 miles.
I registered for my first race of the season.. of next year! Just when you think race season is all over… It begins again..(well dishing out the cash and finding random things to sell to pay for them..)

I’m actually really excited about it! I have never done this marathon and have heard it’s a good one! It’s set for May 19,2012! If anything it gives me motivation to keep on movin. I enjoy working out a little more when I have something to work for!
My diagnosis…
Alright, about the title. For the past few months I have been asked if I was pregnant multiple times. The first time, I didn’t think anything of it. The second time, I figured I just have poor posture, that I need to work on. The third time, I decided I reeeeally need to start thinking about sucking in.. the fourth time- I clearly just wanted to punch that lady in the face.
It really starts to pick at you after awhile- I’m not really one to take things personally and can just let them roll off. But after hearing it so many times, I’m just annoyed.
I have been having some tummy issues lately and figured it was dairy or something else I was eating. Sometimes when I am laying down my belly moves.. like there really is a baby in there.. weird? yes… so after researching and meeting with the doc. I established that I have Diastasis recti.
Which commonly is known as abdominal separation. This is highly common with pregnancies, especially with multiples.
As with every pregnancy, every woman experiences abdominal separation post pregnancy.. its kind of a given.
Most of which heal on there own after a few weeks post pregnancy. Then there is that percentage that doesn’t! (raise my hand here) twins will do that to you I guess.. and the fact that I went back to teaching 4 weeks post pregnancy.. abs and all. (big mistake)…
You can visually see it when I flex.
See the gap in the center and or it protruding , down the center of my midline?
How to check if you have Diastasis recti
  1. Lie on your back with you belly showing
  2. Place one hand behind your head
  3. Tuck your pelvis in, sucking your navel into your spine
  4. Put your pointer finger about 1 inch above your belly button
  5. Come up into a crunch position
  6. If you can fit 3-4 even 5 fingers you most likely have it.
What to do about it
  1. Exercises like this.---> Great post pregnancy abdominal workouts!
  2. Surgery
Well, I want to have more kids so I don’t want to spend the mula right now to get it done to just have it stretched back out.. So I’m just going to live with it. I will start working on my “pelvic tilt” and such to see if it improves but its one thing I can be okay with.
The Dr. said it isn’t life threatening and very common. If its not painful and no hernia is present there is nothing to really worry about. I don’t think my case is very severe. There are plenty of other women that also suffer from this also and I don’t think its super noticeable all the time… so I’m going to do my best to work on my posture a little to.Winking smile
If your pregnant.. or you just HAD a baby or 2 DO NOT go straight into sit-ups or crunches.. Let those muscles recover and come back together. I recommend getting one of these.. I used one but I think my mistake was that I went back to teaching so soon after the pregnancy and the fact that my belly was stretched to the max with the twinners.. but they were worth it
 DSC_0048oooooo..I miss this..
and I’m okay with it.. I’m just going to get a t-shirt made that says.. no, I’m not pregnant--- on the back: I have diastasis recti.. Smile
 Q. Have you signed up for your first race of the 2012 season yet? If so which ones are you planning on?
Ogden Marathon, Moab half, Bear lake brawl HIM, Ragnar, epic, red rock relays, Salt lake Half, top of Utah, Some rec center tris, and maybe one other marathon?.. (I better start collecting pennies now!)
Q. Have you ever heard of Diastasis recti before?

OH and its someones special birthday tomorrow! Can't wait to celebrate!


  1. You are such an inspiration, so positive and so beautiful. I love reading your blog - thank you :)

  2. I can’t believe that someone would ask you if you were pregnant… Seriously what is wrong with them! Your stomach is flatter than most people I know- either way it’s a bummer that you’ve been having issues.. I think your rockin!

  3. Sweet!!! I'm doing the Ogden Marathon too! I'm SUPER excited. It's my first full marathon. I'm sure the closer it gets the more nervous I'll get, but it'll be fun!

  4. Even if you have that, you still look better than most of the people I know! I'm glad you shared this with us because I've only heard of it a few times.

  5. Wow your race schedule is packed! I'm jealous! There aren't as many race opportunities for me since moving to TX. I've Ogden, Moab, Ragnar, and TOU. They are all so fun and beautiful. I've heard of diastasis recti before. Thanks for sharing though because I learned some things about it that I didn't know like waiting to start doing abs, and that wrap thingy looks awesome too.

  6. i'm in for Ogden too! I ran it last year and it rocked my world. Best race ever.

  7. I had two nine-pound babies and my stomach looks a lot like yours. People are always shocked when I show them my stomach. I have been envious of those mothers who can get back into a bikini with no sign of stretchmarks or baby war scars, but my boys are so worth it! Who cares about your stomach, you have the best legs of anyone I know Candice! Good luck in Ogden, I've done it three times and it is a great race!

  8. Wow I really cannot BELIEVE that someone would actually say that to you!!? I have been in one of your body pump classes at Gold's Gym in the past and you look AMAZING and are such a fun and motivating teacher. People make me so mad, I think they are just jealous because you honestly don't even look remotely pregnant. I commend you for sharing your diagnosis on here and with others who may be suffering the same problem.

  9. Hey Im a reader from Australia and this post rang so true for me! After my second bub I had 8cm separation and by wearing a brace and doing core exercises and back to 1cm. I want more kids too so will most likely have the surgery when I'm done. Our health system actually covers the surgery as it is considered non cosmetic, pretty good hey! I tore because my son laid breech for two months and I could feel my muscle separating :( Your blog is such an inspiration, Michaela :)

  10. oh my gosh scary! glad you know what it is but still, yikes! good to know though.

  11. @Anonymous
    Welcome!! and thank you SO much!! That is awesome that your health system actually covers the surgery!