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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday Celebration Night!

Yesterday, was Brent’s birthday!! So I was a busy little wifey running around getting things ready around the house because his family came over to help celebrate! P.S. If you ever need an excuse to clean your house… invite people over! –Okay, I can’t say its spotless but considering it’s the closest to clean its been in the past 3 months. (Just don’t look in my laundry roomWinking smile)

When Brent got home I surprised him by having my sister there to watch the babes so we could go out, just the two of us! – rarely happens folks. It was so nice!

Brent wanted some new trail running shoes so we headed to dicks sporting goods to browse, and luckily he found a pair he likes!!

By the time we got to dinner our stomachs were rumbling! My husband is a big meat lover and he chose to go to a local steakhouse for dinner.

Lonestar! interesting fact? I worked here my sophomore year of high school!

We enjoyed some adult conversation without any interruption from spilled drinks, squirmy worms or crayons to the face. It was fabulous.

They bring you a small loaf of bread to share

Brent and I chose to share an entrée IMG_4850

Sweet bourbon salmon for me..


and 6 oz. sirloin for him with a green salad and sweet potato on the side

Since it was Brent's birthday they gave him a free dessert, that he was nice enough to share with me…


Brownie topped with vanilla bean ice cream and a gallon or so of whip cream on top..

The brownie (gf) was so soft, gooey and warm! mmm.. just the way I like it! They didn’t sing to him though.. (dang it, I was ready to break out the lonestar version of happy birthday!!)

We headed back home to meet the family for some more dessert!

ICE CREAM CAKE! Its Brent's favorite!DSC_0503

I also made up some popcorn candy caramel corn!


I got the recipe here!

(If you still have some leftover candy from Halloween…


MAKE THIS and take it to a party.. it will be gone within the hour! )



Note: When your air-popping your popcorn get a BIG bowl.. seriously.. like the biggest bowl in the world… plus side.. if you only have semi large bowls you quickly get to eat all the popcorn that overflows onto the floor.. (hey, I said I cleaned my house today, including the floors..)

And don’t clean your floors before making this.. I got popcorn/candy crumbs/caramel all over..

Its that good!

Happy Birthday Babe!


We LOVE you and I’m so happy I’m the one you get to grow old withWinking smile


  1. Birthdays are great.. especially the cake ;) It was so nice to finally officially "meet" you today! Looking forward to talking to you more!

  2. @The Brown Family
    same to you!! And I'll be on time next time;) You are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. ME? Oh my gosh, thank you! You are the gorgeous one missy! ;)