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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work it.

Hi friends!!! Happy Hump Day!
Yesterday I didn’t get around to posting, it was just one of those days my bed & Nashville sounded better:.
I had a morning workout at my BIL gym, I met a friend there. It was a good cardio workout with a variety of different movements with some running mixed in.
Later I got my GPP WOD in, which I wasn’t necessarily planning on doing, because I lack flexibility in my shoulders for them and they are a MAJOR goat of mine.. Same with Brent.. when he got home from work, we decided to man up and face the squat.
Well…. OH squats can kiss it.
After I headed to Ballet Blast again with my friend. It was packed this week! But I felt more confident with the movements and was able to follow along better.
This morning I headed to GPP to coach and watch a few classes gut this workout out!
Kenz was next to me in the workout and we pushed each other to the end.
Done and DONE… So rough, sweaty and uh… sweaty!
I still had some time after before I had to pick up the kids from a friends house so I decided to do a quick run.
By quick, I mean really slow. Specter took all I had today….
3 miles and that was that.
During nap time I decide to take some R & R with some ice cream!
A few of my friends have been fans of Arctic Zero for a while now and I haven’t tried it till today.
Verdict: I really liked it!!! The nutritional stats are not to shabby either! My stomach didn’t hurt afterward either! Win, win!

I didn’t take pics of my food much today, but after coaching a night class I came home and had some fish, green beans with avocado.
On a kid plate. Winking smile I don’t know why I always eat my food from my kids plates? Probably because my other ones are heavy and huge and theirs are cute and make eating fun?
What was your workout today?
Do you eat off kids plates?
Have you tried Arctic Zero?