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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Berry Chia Jam


Jam. Bam.


We all love jam right?

I remember growing up and having homemade raspberry jam.

It was delicious! I literally could eat it with a spoon and I did.

That is if only I could get the dang jar open by myself.. I always ended up hitting the edges of the jar to get the lid to un-freaking-seal and because there is no way my mom would let me spoon that sugary stuff straight down my esophagus.

This jam was perfect. Really, everything you want jam to be. I loved to smother it on one of my aunts homemade rolls…. That is my idea of heaven.

But this Berry Chia Jam…. Is better!

Now, that I’m older and all into this whole nutritious fad going around, and I know what will stick to my butt and thighs and what won’t, I came to the conclusion that polishing off that jar of jam probably isn’t the best for me.

I wanted a jam that resembled the sugar bomb jam without all that butt sticking glucose.

Berry Chia Jam was born:

I pulled out the chia seeds because not only do they turn into a gelatinous goo, which is perfect to pump up the jam. They are they are super food!

Chia seeds have several benefits to them. All of which are important and you should know. Gather around and grab a snack, I’m going to spit out some nutritious knowledge.


*They aid with weight loss:  They reduce cravings and by preventing some of the foods you do it to be absorbed into your system

*They reduce your blood pressure

*Hydrate your body: SUPER awesome for athletes!

*Protect against inflammation

*Contain Omega-3 which is heart healthy!

*Benefits those with diabetes: Chia seeds slow down how fast our bodies convert carbohydrates into simple sugars. In turn, actually control our blood sugars from spiking.

Okay. Back to this whole healthy jam business and the “How too.”


Step 1: Unthaw 1 cup frozen berry medley in a tupperware or glass container.


I went with kirkland from Costco. Best bang for my buck.

***Note: Make sure your frozen fruit doesn’t have added sugar. --->duh.

You will want to do it overnight in the fridge or if your so on top of the ball like me and decide you want jam on top of your flapjacks while cooking, just defrost them in the microwave.

Overnight recommended.

Step 2: Once unthawed put 1 TBS. of Chia seeds in with the fruit and stir.


Let it sit for a few.

Step 3: Put it in your blender and pulse it a couple times. I decided I liked it chunky.


It made more than this at the moment, but I dumped it on some pancakes before the thought occurred that this jam is too dang good not to share.

BAM, that’s how you make jam, Ma’am.


Store any remaining jam in the fridge in the tupperware or glass jar. I for sure ate the rest with a spoon but if I were you, I would go for the tupp. the lids are easier to open. Winking smile

Do you use CHIA seeds?

Can you sing every word to “pump of the jam”?

Yes.. Yes I can.